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BB cream LlibreDerm

BB creams are very popular with the fair sex of all ages and skin types. The manufacturers tried to provide every girl with the opportunity to purchase this product in their cosmetic bag. The LlibreDerm BB cream was no exception, in addition, according to the manufacturer, it has a number of advantages compared to its counterparts.

About Brand

Cosmetic company LlibreDerm is a domestic manufacturer of caring and decorative cosmetics. In addition to this, recently she also began to engage in the production of various food additives.

A distinctive feature of the products of this brand is its unique composition.

It contains cosmetic and pharmacological substances, and therefore can rightfully be considered medical cosmetics. Despite its relatively recent appearance, the company LlibreDerm has already managed to acquire a huge number of fans. An important role in this is played by a wide range of goods, as well as its low price in comparison with foreign counterparts.

The company's specialists are engaged in the development of a variety of body care products for face, face, lips, eyelids, as well as decollete zone.

Products are made from natural and high-quality components, but this is not the only advantage that BB LlibreDerm cream has.

Product Description

LlibreDerm BB cream with hyaluronic acid will not only moisturize the skin, but also give it a matte finish, even out its structure, and nourish the skin with useful trace elements. Due to the presence of the acid of the same name, this tool actively contributes to the renewal of skin cells and prolongs their life and performance. As a result, facial skin is soft, healthy, matte and radiant.

This product is sold in a cardboard box in which a special tube with a hinged lid is placed, the volume of which is 50 ml. Cream "ALL-in-ONE" has only one shade, which is universal and suitable for any color and skin type.

Despite the rather dark shade of the product, it is perfect even for very fair-skinned ladies.

Its texture is very light, almost weightless. Easy to apply and economical to use. Instantly adapts to the natural shade of the skin, evens it out and slightly tones. Moreover, it has an excellent matting effect.

Hyaluronic acid, which is one of the main ingredients of this product, moisturizes the skin for a long time, makes it radiant and soft, and also prevents the formation of wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Ginger oil in combination with a vitamin complex nourishes the skin, protects it from ultraviolet radiation, and also prevents its early aging.

According to the manufacturer, this product is ideal for problematic and oily skin.

In addition to hydration, it reliably masks all existing imperfections on the face, and also, due to its pharmacological additives, actively fights the appearance of new acne and oily sheen.

The result of using this BB LlibreDerm product is healthy, matte, radiant skin without any imperfections.


The manufacturer made sure that buyers sought to purchase its products and, in particular, this BB cream. And all thanks to the following advantages:

  1. Using natural ingredients and vitamins to create the product. This will provide the skin with reliable nutrition and hydration.
  2. High efficiency. If a manufacturer positions his product as a matting skin, then the cream will indeed have an excellent matting effect, and all thanks to a high-quality and competent composition.
  3. Convenient packaging. The tube containing the BB cream has a convenient shape, does not slip in the hand, the cream can be used to the last drop due to the tube being stored upside down.
  4. Low cost. LlibreDerm BB cream has a composition very similar to more expensive products, and its price is much lower. That allows you to purchase quality products to everyone.

All these advantages make this product very attractive, and most importantly affordable for all women.

Where to buy and how to use

Like many skin care products, this brand’s products, and, in particular, BB-cream with hyaluronic acid can be purchased in large and small pharmacy chains. In addition, you can make a purchase both at a direct visit to the company store, and place an order on the official website of the company. At the moment, it is almost impossible to purchase LlibreDerm products in ordinary stores. If you want to be sure of the quality of the purchased product and its authenticity, it is better to still make a purchase in a company store.

If we talk directly about the application of this BB cream, then it consists in applying it to clean skin on the face. If necessary, you can use this product as a basis for makeup. At the same time, it is best to cleanse the face before application with products from LlibreDerm, which are part of a series of products containing hyaluronic acid.

It is worth noting that this BB-cream from LlibreDerm can not be used as a complete replacement for the foundation.

It has a slight tonal effect and well mattes the face, but cannot hide serious redness of the skin or rashes on it. Therefore, it is better to use it yourself as a day cream or, nevertheless, as a basis.

A large-scale advertising campaign has made this tool one of the best-selling products to date. But, let's find out the reviews of those who have already managed to evaluate its effectiveness on themselves.


Since the brand is positioning its products and BB-cream not only as decorative, but also as medical cosmetics, we will consider reviews about it not only of buyers, but also of specialists.

Buyers note a really good hydration of the skin and its nutrition, because after using this cream it looks radiant and healthy, and also becomes smooth and velvety to the touch.

The matte effect is really good, on oily skin of the face in hot weather it can protect the face from greasy shine for up to 8 hours, which is a very good result.

If we talk about the tonal effect, then it is almost imperceptible, simply by aligning the structure, nutrition and hydration, the skin looks more beautiful and healthy. As a minus, women distinguish that such a cream may not work for ladies with very fair skin, since it does not completely merge with its natural shade. When applied to the face, the cream does not roll, evenly lays down and qualitatively prepares the skin for applying makeup.

But the reviews of experts are not so encouraging and they relate mainly to the rich composition of LlibreDerm BB cream. The fact is that the manufacturer did not indicate the exact concentration of active substances, for example, hyaluronic acid, elastin, collagen and matricins. But it is precisely on their concentration that the effectiveness of the drug depends.

Do not forget that such ingredients are high in cost, so it is not clear how the manufacturer manages to make a profit by creating products containing such expensive ingredients and selling them at such a low price. Therefore, some experts say that the therapeutic effect of such a cream, like other LlibreDerm products, is just a marketing ploy. As for moisturizing, nourishing and haze of the face, then with these functions BB-cream LlibreDerm perfectly copes. But there is still no documentary evidence of the ineffectiveness of the action of this tool.

In general, this tool copes with its functions precisely with BB-cream, and this is confirmed by both ordinary customers and specialists. Therefore, it still makes sense to purchase this face care product, because its inefficiency has never been proven by anyone.

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