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How to apply a tan evenly

Most girls do not have the opportunity to bask and spend hours sunbathing on the beaches, so that the skin becomes brown. In addition, some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity have an allergic reaction to the sun's rays, so they are constantly looking for alternative ways to get a tan.

The most common solution is the use of tanning. Now it is absolutely not necessary to go to the sea to get a gorgeous brown skin color. To achieve the correct result, it is necessary to apply the product correctly.


Tanning has a number of advantages. For example, unlike sunbathing, the procedure is completely safe.

  • If you use a special cream, then you can avoid the appearance of unwanted burns and a certain kind of complications.
  • Thanks to the nutritional supplements that are contained in the product for tanning, the skin is moisturized and nourished, and youth remains for many years.
  • A big plus is the equalization of the tone of the surface of the body, sometimes even natural radiance is acquired.
  • With age spots, you can remove the difference in shades of the skin with a tanning agent.
  • Using sunblock creams saves a significant part of the time, which was previously spent on trips to beauty salons, and saves the family budget. The product for changing skin color has a very simple method of application, which is easily repeated at home.
  • Do not worry about the consequences, including during the period of bearing a child.
  • When using cream for tanning, there is no need to select the right weather conditions or adjust to the vacation in order to go on vacation at sea.
  • If the product was applied incorrectly, then it is easily removed from the surface of the skin using various folk remedies.


At the same time, tanning with the use of a special cream has a number of disadvantages that must be taken into account before deciding to carry out the procedure.

  • Do not expect that the effect will be long-lasting. It lasts from a few days to a crescent. The duration of artificial tanning depends on several factors: on how often you take a shower, change clothes, use additional cosmetics.
  • The test can also be the application of cream on all areas of the skin. Independently covering the entire area of ​​the skin will be quite problematic, so you still have to turn to other people for help.
  • Be prepared for the fact that each person has a certain type of skin, and the oily areas on it are unevenly distributed.
  • Respectively the moment the tan disappears will appear differently on each segment of the body. In order for the result to be as best as possible, the product must be selected carefully.
  • Do not be alarmed by the pungent smell of tanningHe is very specific. The cream is not always absorbed in its entirety; therefore, stains on bedding and clothes are not ruled out.
  • To permanently maintain the effect of tanning, the product is applied systematically, with a frequency of several days.

A condition is mandatory - before applying the cream, it is necessary to ventilate the room, so the shade will lie better on the surface of the skin.

Skin preparation

Before using sunblock, it is imperative to conduct a test, and check whether the product is compatible with a certain type of skin, if any allergic reactions appear. Testing is as follows: a small drop of the substance is applied and rubbed on the wrist, after 10 hours it is necessary to check what the reaction has gone.

Additionally, a creamy substance is applied to a small area of ​​the neck and foot. Pay attention to whether itching occurs, whether there is irritation, redness, or inflammatory foci appear.

In order to prevent stains in individual areas of the skin surface after tanning, it is enough to rinse with lemon water.

Read the instructions that came with the tanning cream, it describes in detail how to apply the substance correctly, how long it must be kept on the surface of the body and what needs to be used in the procedure. Some manufacturers indicate in which order you should apply a creamy substance to the skin. Regardless of the contents of the instruction, it is recommended to use the following algorithm:

  • If in your cosmetic bag there were products containing Alpha acids, then about a week before applying the tanning cream, it is better to stop applying them. If components such as AHA and AlphaHydroxyAcids are present, tanning cannot be even.
  • 24 hours before applying the substance to the skin, it is advisable to apply a scrub to clean the surface of the dermis. The surface of the body is well rubbed with a washcloth. To prepare the mask, use the following recipe: in 100 gr. cane sugar is added about 100 gr. liquid honey, about 30 g more are thrown into the mixture. pre-ground salt and about 45 gr. castor oil. The components are combined, the resulting substance is processed all parts of the body where tanning is planned. To cleanse your face, choose mainly soft peeling, as the surface of the skin may be damaged.
  • After the keratinized particles are exfoliated, epilation or depilation is performed.. In the first case, the procedure is best done 10 hours before applying the product, in the second - about a day.
  • Before covering the skin with a substance for tanning, experts advise taking a warm bath with the addition of lavender essential oil and salt. Next, you need to wait about 3 hours until the body has completely cooled down. The process of complete evaporation of the liquid from the upper layers of the surface of the body must go through. It is strictly forbidden to apply all kinds of aerosols or deodorants, as well as the use of perfumes, which will allow you to perform an artificial tan without stains.
  • The procedure takes about 2-3 hours, so you need to allocate a separate time in advance. Apply self-tanning only by following the instructions. Please note that in addition to applying the substance to the skin, additional time will be required to rub in fully and dry the product on the body.

Ways to use at home

To carry out the procedure, you need to take care in advance of the availability of necessary materials and tools. First, take gloves made of rubber or silicone, it is advisable that they fit snugly on the hands and do not fly off them. In addition, you may need a hair crab, regular hairdresser clips, mittens or mittens.

The tool is gradually applied to the palm of your hand, and then rubbed, it is best to start with the buttocks. They and hips are processed with the help of circular movements, gradually it is necessary to go down lower and lower. The bikini area is not processed, sunblock is applied exclusively along the line of underwear. Next, the substance is applied to the legs.

Since the cream does not always lie evenly on the inner thigh, pay due attention to this point. To avoid ugly stripes in the knee area, avoid applying too much tanning products at home, as it drains into one place. Please note that the cream in the foot area is applied very carefully, especially between the fingers, this is due to the fact that during walking the color quickly erases.

Further, the procedure affects the back and stomach to the chest area. The composition is distributed evenly from the bottom up, make sure that the layer is even. If such a need arises, it is best to help put funds to a friend or make movements in front of a mirror surface.

Only after the back has been processed, smoothly proceed to the axilla. Breasts and collarbones need to be handled with extreme care. In the decollete area, a sunblock will be especially noticeable. Turning to hands, remember that the product is applied in smooth movements from top to bottom along the hairline on the surface of the body.

To free the area behind the ears, it is best to stab the curls with a special clip. If possible, it is advisable to use a medical cap. First of all, the surface of the neck is processed in turn, and then the skin behind the ears. Last but not least, the substance is applied to the face. It is recommended to mix tanning with day cream in a ratio of 4 to 1. The product is distributed using a thin layer, pre-applied to a pre-prepared tampon. Pay attention to how the border between the face, neck and décolleté looks. Do not spare the usual cream that is applied to the body, it is perfect for retouching. Lips and eye area should not be covered.

After the procedure is completed, the palms should be washed with ordinary children's soap, and if it is absent, shower gel can come up, and ordinary shampoo can also be poured onto the hands. The nails are cleaned with a special brush that has fine bristles.

If two hours have passed since the application of tanning, you can put on clothes, otherwise things can take on the paint.

At first, it is advisable not to wear light-colored clothing; avoid tight-fitting styles. Even tone breaks the seams and leaves stripes. Please note that it is not so easy to wipe tanning from the surface of the fabric.

Until that time, until about 7 hours pass, it is not recommended to wash after applying the cream, it is better not to take a shower so that the paint does not wash off. Do not be afraid that while taking a bath, water can take on the color of a sunblock, this is a completely normal occurrence. If the product is not completely absorbed into the skin, then the excess substance simply, thus, comes out naturally.

It is strictly forbidden to use any scrubs or washcloths. Skin cleansing is permitted only with shower gel. When characteristic spots appear, it only means that the tan needs to be updated.

Remember that when applying tanning, the cream must be applied evenly on the surface of the body, as the tone may subsequently be unevenly distributed. It is best to use the substance while lying on a bed or sofa. To perfectly make a tan, a prerequisite is to follow the listed rules.

How much is holding

Even a cosmetologist with a long history cannot answer the question of how much self-tanning can last on a female body. The effect of applying the cream depends on several factors at once. The standard period when the dermis holds color is from 2 to 10 days. Pre-scrubbing the body gives a greater result, since the surface of the skin will absorb the substance better.

Also, a lot depends on what quality product was used, who was its manufacturer, what was the cost of the goods. Frequent use of a shower or bath does not help to preserve a tan for a long period of time.

Flushing tanning occurs in case of contact with sea or fresh water. Therefore, it is practically incompatible to apply the cream with rest on the sea, the tool is only suitable for socks in the vicinity of the city, for example, for going to work. Using a washcloth does not help to increase the life of a tan. Constantly maintaining a dark skin tone is possible only with regular application of the cream. Remember that experts advise you to buy tanning material exclusively in beauty salons or in individual retail outlets specializing in the sale of cosmetics.

How to rinse

The tan is washed off well with ordinary fresh water from the tap, so to get rid of it, just collect a bath of water and add sea salt to it. Further, the skin is well wiped with a washcloth and a pre-prepared coffee scrub is used. According to the recipe, about 100 gr. thick mixed with 60 gr. high fat sour cream. The substance is rubbed on the skin for about 15-20 minutes.

If the mixture was ineffective, then do not despair. To 100 gr. approximately 70 ml is added to the crushed sea salt. shampoo and 30 gr. standard body cream. After the peeling is completed, the product is left on the surface of the body for a short period of time (no more than 5 minutes).

Another proven option, how to remove the cream for tanning - just apply a tonic on the skin to remove makeup. The substance is applied with uniform movements with a cotton pad or hands with circular movements for 10 minutes.

Do not despair if the tanning cream could not be applied the first time. At the first opportunity, the procedure is easily repeated, and in case of failure it is easily removed by folk methods from the surface of the dermis.

How to be tanned in the harsh Russian winter and spring - only tanning. In the next video, there are 4 main rules for applying a tan without stains.

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