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Shampoo for normal hair

Shampoo for normal hair is present in the assortment of each brand specializing in the production of cosmetic products. Its composition is the main criterion in assessing the trust of a particular manufacturer. Let's try to find out which ingredients indicated on the label are beneficial and which are harmful, and get acquainted with the most popular brands of shampoo.


Since ancient times, it has been customary that hair is one of the main attributes of female beauty. Not without reason in folklore there are so many proverbs and sayings on this subject: "Scythe is girlish beauty"; "Grow, braid to the waist, do not drop a hair", etc. And the main means of care for curls for many years is shampoo. In its assortment there are specimens aimed at eliminating problems of various kinds, such as dandruff, but shampoo for normal hair is an absolute leader in sales.

The definition of "normal hair" implies that the hair does not cause its owner special trouble.

However, do not think that she does not need special care. If you wash your hair with anything horrible, often change funds and do not adhere to the recommendations for use, then the problems will not be long in coming. Brands that care about the quality of their products and use natural ingredients should be preferred.


At their core, hair detergents are a mixture of water and surfactants that remove impurities. Depending on the additives - oils, minerals and chemical compounds, shampoo works purposefully to achieve a certain effect: elimination of excess fat, normalization of the sebaceous glands, giving the hairstyle volume or smoothness.

Normal hair needs hydration, protection against ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes.

For this purpose, herbal extracts are included in the composition, like chamomile, nettle, burdock, sage, rosemary, calendula, as well as grape seed oil, ylang ylang, jojoba, bergamot, tea tree. The presence of egg yolk, honey, cognac, lemon and apple juice, onion husks has a positive effect.

As for surfactants, it is best to choose a sample with an element content Triethanolamine Lauryl Sulphate, since it is the most gentle with regard to effects on the structure of the hair, does not cause allergic reactions. The acronym TEM (abbreviated from Triethanolamine) on the label guarantees a high grade of detergent.

If the manufacturer indicated the presence in the contents of the vial Ammonium Lauril Sulfate or Ammonium Laurenth Sulfate, it is recommended to refrain from buying, since these active substances are very aggressive and there is a risk of destroying the hair structure.

Typically, these chemicals are used in the manufacture of economy class shampoos.

Sometimes they act as surfactants Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laurenth Sulfate. In principle, these compounds have the right to life, but were originally invented for washing machine engines, degreasing surfaces and, according to scientists, are able to penetrate the body through the scalp, extremely negatively affecting the retina.

Recommendations for use

There is an opinion that the hair is really clean if there is a feeling of squeaking after water procedures. Unfortunately, it is erroneous and indicates damage to the outer protective film and dry curls. To prevent this condition, do not abuse shampoos from the "two in one" series. If there is a need to use an air conditioner, it is better to give preference to independent means, rather than mixed ones, and, preferably, one company.

An excellent alternative to hair rinse can be lemon juice. The optimal proportions are one lemon per two liters of water. This procedure guarantees easy combing, shine and delicate citrus aroma.

DIY care products

Recently, the popularity of the classic line, the so-called hand made shampoos, has been growing. Any self-respecting beauty salon or spa will offer you a choice of several shampoo options without chemicals. Of the simplest and most natural detergents for normal hair, you can recommend nettle infusion or egg yolk.


Pour boiling water in a thermos three handfuls of dried grass and leave to infuse for a couple of hours. Then strain the liquid through a sieve, allow to cool to an acceptable temperature and add freshly squeezed juice of one lemon. After washing your hair, it is recommended to wrap your hair with a towel for 30 minutes and allow to dry at room temperature.


Beat three egg yolks, add a glass of brandy or brandy. The yolk is inherently natural lecithin, which envelops the surface of the hair, creating a protective layer on it. Cognac has cleansing properties.

If you add a couple tablespoons of onion juice to the product, then the shampoo will prevent hair loss.

Rating of the best

In order to identify the best shampoo, we will review the most popular representatives of this series in the cosmetics industry market.

Green mama

The brand’s collection has a large selection of care products for normal hair, but shampoo is in greatest demand "Birch and wild strawberry". Among its components are extracts of strawberries, birch, coltsfoot, hops, as well as panthenol and alatonin, which normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

The manufacturer claims that regular use will provoke accelerated growth of hair, due to the high content of vitamins. Buyers are also attracted by the delicate strawberry aroma.


According to the results of the verification of the TV program “Test purchase”: Nivea is the best shampoo in the line of hair care products. About this - video.

Despite the fact that the composition includes Sodium Laureth Sulfate - only a relatively safe surfactant, the sample conquers with colorless contents without dyes, a transparent bottle that allows you to observe the flow rate and vitamin supplements.


A Swiss-made German brand has created a good shampoo for normal hair with millet without aggressive surfactants, suitable for the whole family. There is no such familiar foam when soaping, which indicates the naturalness of the product. The bottle is equipped with a convenient dispenser.

Green pharma

The sample at first glance conquers the appearance of the bottle - a transparent, pale green color with a concise label. The composition does not contain aggressive surfactants. Shampoo is certified Ecocertindicating the naturalness of the goods.


Among the components of the product is present nettle extract, burdock, tea tree oil, panthenol, wheat proteins, poppy seed oil and lecithin. Suitable for dry and normal hair. After using shampoo, curls will pleasantly surprise shine, splendor and volume, while remaining smooth.


The shampoo is enriched with a moisturizing micro-serum, which makes it ideal for the summer. Active substance Sodium Laurenth Sulfate, but then the cost of the funds does not exceed 150 rubles.


The brand has been a leader in the market of cosmetic products for many years. Gives hair volume, ease of combing, density. Repeatedly nominated for the title "Product of the Year". Customer reviews indicate a high rating of shampoo.

Gliss kur

German brand Schwarzkopf long established production in our country. His shampoo - an elixir with a complex of liquid keratins, appealed to consumers. According to reviews it does not dry curls, does not make heavier, gently cleanses, gives the aroma of rose oil.


Professional shampoo, 93% natural, is supplied to Russia from Greece. Its price is quite high, but justified by the absence of aggressive surfactants, dyes, silicones. Caring for hair due to the content of olive tree extracts, including extract from flowers, fruits, oils.

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