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Tinted shampoo RoKolor

All women dream to look attractive, they want to attract the attention of others, especially the stronger sex. Needless to say, the hairstyle is one of the first that men pay attention to, and all passers-by. To have a rich hair color, look perfect in any situation, have RoKolor shampoo with lamination effect to have obedient curls. The color palette of this magic tool is quite wide. But this is not the only advantage.

Features and Benefits

This tool will allow you to achieve your goals, acquire the desired hair color, make them soft and shiny. The main advantages of the tool:

  • Excellent tinting properties. With the right application, you can instantly paint over gray-haired locks, acquire a suitable shade. In this case, the substance will not do any harm to your hair. Curls will become silky, luxurious shine. Even the most fastidious women will be able to find a shade that they like.
  • Many color shades. The tool has both basic and intermediate tones. After the procedure, the locks will be able to recover faster, become more lively and obedient.
  • Security. The shampoo contains no harmful substances that can somehow damage your hair. Shampoo has only natural ingredients. These include, for example, glycerin, castor oil. It is with the help of them that you can restore the structure of the hair. Thanks to these elements, the permeability of the upper layer of curls is ensured. They are filled with color pigments from the inside.
  • Ease of use. RoColor shampoo is quite easy to use. It is enough to follow the instructions and you will get the desired result. To color your hair was saturated, it is worth using this tool at least once a week.
  • The effect of applying shampoo you will see immediately. It will be enough to apply it on the hair, following the instructions, hold for a certain time and rinse. The gray hair will be painted over, and you will get the desired shade.
  • Saving. Another plus of a small bottle is a big money saving. This shampoo is a budget option. You will be able to purchase it at an affordable price without spending all the family savings. In this case, you will get the effect, like from ordinary staining in an expensive salon, or maybe even better. After all, the composition of the product includes safe substances that beneficially affect the structure of curls.
  • This cosmetic product does not require after itself to carry out special manipulations for hair care. Shampoo will not spoil the locks. You will feel attractive.
  • A pleasant smell is another advantage. The composition will help not only nourish your curls with strength, health and a rich shade, but also give a light pleasant aroma to the head of hair. You will attract the attention of others.
  • Great mood. When a woman performs a quality procedure, finds her desired shade, and also takes care of her hair, she feels more confident, beautiful and successful. You will be drawn to people, compliments, creating a great mood. Now things will go uphill, you can implement your plans.

It is worth paying attention to your natural hair color. Girls with dark curls can choose a shade that will be less effective than their natural pigment. Thus, with this shampoo you can only enhance the natural colors, but not radically change the image.

Color palette

As for the shades, they will pleasantly surprise fashionistas with their variety. You can choose the right color based on your preferences. However, before you go to the store and buy your favorite gamut, you should carefully look at your hair color. It is from him that you need to build on, when choosing such a shampoo.

For light and gray curls

If you have fair hair or gray hair is already visible, then it is better to use a tinted shampoo specifically for such hair. The following shades are suitable:

  • tone 9.12 - amethyst. Allows you to perfectly paint gray hair locks and blond hair, respectively. Gives curls a healthy glow, can even out the shade. This shampoo is against unpleasant yellowness. After toning you will not see yellow hair;
  • tone 9.10 - pearl ash. This shade is suitable for natural blondes, as well as for lightened locks. It will help to create an ashy shimmer, get rid of yellow spots, and restore shine to weakened / damaged curls;
  • honey caramel. Meets tone 9.03. Such a shampoo can be used for women with light strands that have a warm type of appearance. It will help to emphasize the color of your eyes. The strands will have a fashionable honey overflow;
  • milk chocolate. Tone 8.4. This shade is not so intense. It is perfect for people who value naturalness. Red pigments prevail here.

For red curls

Owners of fiery hair can be given preference to a wide variety of options. You can create natural or extravagant images. You just need to choose the right shade:

  • the Red tree;
  • Bordeaux;
  • ripe cherry;
  • flame.

Colorful and fashionable shades will help fill your hair and you with vitality, add extravagance, attractiveness, beauty, charm. Of course, it is worthwhile to be especially careful for owners of light red hair tones. Otherwise, you can get an undesirable effect.

For brunettes / brown hair

For ladies who have light brown curls, as well as brunettes who need staining, it is worth taking a closer look at shade 4.4 - Mocha. He is pretty neutral. He will be able to give strands of intense coffee pigment. However, they will not be fiery red. There is another optimal shade - chocolate. It will appeal to those who appreciate copper shades and a small redhead in their hair. However, it is not recommended to use this shade on light curls. You can get an unnatural color, which then will be difficult to reduce with curls.

Instruction manual

In order for you to achieve the desired result, you must clearly follow the instructions. The method of applying shampoo is quite simple:

  • wash your hair in advance. Do not forget about safety rules. Protect your hands with special gloves. They are always attached to the kit;
  • take the product and evenly distribute it along the entire length of the lock. If you have a fairly short hairstyle, then one bottle may be enough. If you have long and thick strands, you can take up to three packs at a time;
  • with the help of massage movements, it is worth bringing the consistency to a single mass, foaming shampoo. The tool itself has a liquid structure. During the procedure, it is worth tilting your head. In this case, the product does not stain the skin of the neck, will not drain down;
  • after you carefully and slowly applied the substance to the curls, leave the product for half an hour. Depending on the time spent on the locks, you can get a shade that is appropriate for saturation. The longer the product lasts, the brighter the shade can be achieved;
  • after the procedure is completed, rinse the shampoo well with warm water. Then apply a moisturizing balm on the curls.

It is worth remembering that if you use the tool for the first time, it is better to test it first. This is done on a small part of the occipital region. Such manipulation will help determine the time during which the product should be kept on curls in order to achieve the desired effect.

Apply shampoo once a week to maintain the brightness of the shade. At the same time, do not wash your hair more than twice every seven days, so as not to wash off the paint once again.


Among the many positive reviews, representatives of the fair sex highlight RoColor shampoo "Shining colors"which helps to effectively color gray hair, give the curls a radiant, vital and healthy look. You can see an excellent result after the first application. Do not be afraid to experiment - fashionistas advise. You can use this shampoo to get both natural shades and extravagant images.

Buyers also note the excellent lamination effect that shampoo has, staining the strands along the entire length. The advantages of the manufacturer include women and safety. This product carefully treats a hair, does not contain harmful components which are usually used when coloring. The composition of the shampoo includes only natural products. They will help to give curls elasticity, naturalness, softness.

Pleasantly surprised shoppers and a wide range of shades of goods. You can quickly and easily choose the option that suits you best. Of course, it is worth starting from your natural hair color to get the maximum desired effect.

Buyers note another plus - the affordable cost of goods. You can buy the drug at a reasonable price, while not spending the entire family budget. This will be another advantage when choosing this tool. Now you will not need to attend expensive procedures in beauty salons to be beautiful and attractive. You can independently use this tool at home and get the maximum effect (of course, following the instructions).

Availability. Hue shampoo can be purchased at any specialized store. You can easily purchase the product, as well as use it at ease. This is nothing complicated. It is enough to follow the safety rules and the instructions for use, which is attached to each package.

Thus, we examined the main advantages and features of RoColor shade shampoo. Now you know which shade to choose for your hair in order to achieve the maximum effect, create a stylish and creative look, it is pleasant to surprise home and people around. Let each procedure bring you only pleasure and positive emotions.

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