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Cream LibreDerm for the skin around the eyes

The skin of the eyelids is very thin. It is 70 percent thinner than the skin of the face, and its inner layers are devoid of sebaceous glands and natural moisture. That is why it is so important to moisturize and protect the delicate epidermis around the eyes.

Any cosmetic company offers a choice of caring cosmetics not only for the skin of the face, but also for the eyelids. Cream LibreDerm for the skin around the eyes is presented in several versions, each of which is aimed at a particular problem: fatigue, withering of the dermis or dark circles.


The Russian company Dina LLC + is engaged in the production of budget cosmetics and care products LibreDerm. The company has several types of creams for eyelid skin:

  • antioxidant cream with retinol (vitamin E) to restore sensitive epithelium. The cosmetic product is based on camelina oil extract and troxeritun components. The tool is actively advertised through the media as first aid for tired and tarnished skin of the eyelids. It is used, in particular, to moisturize and nourish the dermis;
  • anti-aging cream with collagen fibers from the anti-aging series of cosmetics. Available for the category of women 40+.
  • cornflower extract with the effect of rapid regeneration of the skin. It is used for sensitive skin around the eyes and represents a novelty of the cosmetic line for the care of the most sensitive skin of the eyelids;

Product Overview

With tocopherol

The cream includes a large number of vitamins and miners, the main components:

  • high filtration water, with a demineralized base;
  • dimethicone fibers or tridecet-6 dimethicone is a component that absorbs liquid in a large volume. As a rule, molecules tend to absorb hundreds of times their own weight. The component makes the cream texture uniform;
  • camelina oil extract. A special-purpose substance obtained from a plant - the common saffron mushroom. It has a delicate honey color (due to which the Libriderm cream has a slightly pronounced honey hue). It contains a large amount of carotenoids (antioxidant compounds that precede vitamins), tocopherol, phospholipid inclusions, as well as unsaturated fatty acids - the latter are indispensable and should be present in daily care. In the cream, this extract is a natural thickener;
  • cross-polymer additive - A natural solvent for contaminants that cleanses pores. Thanks to this component, the product is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the dermis. Makes the epithelium softer, exfoliates the stratum corneum, and also protects against damage and dehydration. The supplement is based on paraffin, therefore, creates an obstacle to the natural respiration of the dermis;
  • corn oil. It has increased fat content, due to which it perfectly moisturizes the epidermis. Contains such natural components in the composition as vitamins A, E, C, F and K. Unsaturated linolenic acid improves blood coagulation, and therefore helps from circles under the eyes. Acids of oleic, stearic and ferulic type have high anti-aging properties;
  • sensiderm B - caring complex. Used to prevent dry skin of the eyelids. Improves the external condition of the dermis, prevents the appearance of wrinkles;
  • glycerin base - moisturizes. The component has the ability to draw moisture from the environment and deliver it to the deeper layers of the epidermis. However, if the air is dry, then this inclusion can dry the epidermis, dehydrating the cells;
  • troxerutin - a drug that is used to treat venous diseases. It has a general strengthening effect, helps with inflammation and swelling. It is also an antioxidant. For the most part, it is this component that helps get rid of bags and bruises under the eyes;
  • finoxyethyl component - antiseptic and preservative. Often it is used as a substitute for paraben in the composition of creams. However, sometimes it causes allergic reactions;
  • tocopherol - antioxidant - is the main assistant to aging skin. Thanks to vitamin E, you can prevent the first wrinkles, as well as smooth facial expressions.

According to manufacturers, the cream will help slow down the aging process and make the skin soft and smooth to the touchb. Mimic wrinkles should be smoothed after daily use (about two weeks), and swelling and dark circles disappear.

In actual use, the agent is really quickly absorbed, and after distribution, the epidermis softens and moisturizes. There is no feeling of tightness or dryness.

Libriderm for the skin of the eyelids with vitamins E is suitable for girls without visible problems and deep wrinkles from the age of 30 years - as a basic care.

Rejuvenating with collagen

The composition of this cream contains components that are in LibreDerm with vitamins E. However, the main composition is still different:

  • water demineralized type;
  • lipoderm 4/1 - The fixing base of the cream, which has several functions at once: softens, protects, and nourishes the dermis, and also reflects adverse sunlight;
  • drank caprilata - special supplement. With its help, the skin of the eyelids instantly softens;
  • collagen fibers and elastin - proteins, which are the "building material" of new cells. They increase the elasticity of the dermis, and also form a protective film on it, which retains moisture inside. Elastin prolongs the action of other active components;
  • persian silk extract and eastern Sibesbekia. Components reduce swelling, increase the elasticity of the eyelids, strengthen the structure of the inner layers of the dermis;
  • triglyceride components of capric - ether compounds of complex structure are an analogy of coconut and milk fat;
  • camelina extract ordinary;
  • glycerin Components;
  • warbopol - a medicine that soothes the skin;
  • tocopherol;
  • triethanolamine.

The texture of the product is very liquid, watery, applied quickly and easily absorbed. Due to light compounds, it is not felt on the epithelium. According to the promises of the company, the cream will restore the elasticity of the epidermis around the eyelids and activates regenerative functions.

Small wrinkles will be smoothed out, and the skin will tighten.

After application, the dermis really becomes hydrated, and excessive puffiness is also eliminated.. The cream is hypoallergenic, and eliminates minor irregularities along the contour of the eyes.

"Full recovery" with cornflower

A new product in the line of skin care around the eyes from LibreDerm. Originally intended for people whose skin is hypersensitive and prone to allergic reactions. The cream does not contain fragrances, mineral type oils and coloring pigments. As a main component, cornflower extract is present in strong concentration.

Its functions: restore the epidermis from damage, smooth out irregularities. The extract also has anti-inflammatory, soothing and decongestant properties.

The cream has a broad function and is intended for skin with the first signs of fatigue. The main components of the composition:

  • rice protein fiber - moisturizing concentrate. It contains a whole complex of vitamins: thiamine, unsaturated acids and polysaccharides. It activates the production of collagen and elastin inside the skin, improves the appearance, tightens and softens the dermis;
  • dismutase oxide - antioxidant enzyme - prevents the effects of free radicals on the skin;
  • olive oil - a substance that rejuvenates the epidermis, restores its deep layers, and also nourishes. A complex of vitamins, trace elements and fatty acids helps rejuvenate the skin around the eyes;
  • active Babassu extract. This component is obtained by cold squeezing from Brazilian palm nuts. By its consistency and composition, the oil is similar to the secret of the sebaceous glands, due to this, the lack of fatty compounds in the epidermis is filled. Also, the extract protects the dermis from loss of moisture and dryness, allows it to "breathe", gives a natural radiance and freshness.

Since the composition is saturated with a whole complex of vitamins, LibreDerm with cornflower extract is suitable for sensitive skin, eliminates circles under the eyes, improves blood circulation in tissues and protects the dermis from free radicals.

It is important to know: sometimes a remedy can provoke an allergy. Before use, it should be tested by applying on the wrist. Only in the absence of burning or redness can it be used for the skin around the eyes.

Creams for eyes LibreDerm are not a panacea, and will not help completely eliminate age-related deficiencies of the epidermis. However, the manufacturer is firmly entrenched in the economy class segment, due to the good value for money and is popular among girls.


  • Cream LibreDerm with Vitamin E can be purchased at a price of 300 to 350 rubles. Volume - 50 ml.
  • Collagen Remedy (anti-aging effect) can be purchased at an average price of 400-550 rubles per tube. Volume - 50 ml.
  • Cosmetic product LibreDerm with cornflower extractBut it has a different cost, but in the same price category: from 350 to 400 rubles. Volume - 20 ml.

Mode of application

Any foundation for the eyelids must be applied to clean, dry skin.

According to the recommendations, you should use the drug twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. And in the evening, you need to apply the cream 60 minutes before bedtime. The product is evenly distributed over the epidermis with the fingertips until completely absorbed. As a rule, any consistency is absorbed in 10-15 minutes.


Controversial creams reviews from LibreDerm. Someone likes consistency, and someone praises the quick moisturizing effect. But there are those who complain of an allergic reaction. The brand’s products are very versatile - on the one hand, they are presented in an affordable price segment and are rich in natural components, and on the other, even taking into account dermatological tests, sometimes they cause allergic reactions.

Cream LibreDerm for the skin of the eyelids with vitamin E, the girls are characterized as the first assistant to restore elasticity.

The drug does not cause feelings of tightness and dryness, is quickly absorbed and is perfect for night care. According to reviews, the texture is pleasant and can be used as a base for makeup. But even with such advantages, the girls emphasize that the cream is not able to cope with the problems of swelling, swelling and dark circles under the eyes..

On the LibreDerm “collagen” eyeliner, the girls respond rather flattering: after several applications, sagging eyelids rise and excessive puffiness subsides.

The cream also successfully brightens dark spots., evens out the tone and slightly reduces the crow's feet. According to numerous reviews, the tool does not cause allergies.

The cornflower extract is used for the most sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes.

The girls' reviews confirm: the soft cream formula and special oils can soothe irritations and prevent sagging skin. In addition, the cream fights with signs of fatigue, and girls note that the skin around the eyes brightens after the first application, looks fresh and filled with radiance.

You can see the review of the cream in the video below.

Watch the video: Gold Bio-Crystal Collagen Facial Mask Anti-Aging Moisturizing Skin Care (January 2020).


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