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BB cream Bielita-Bitex

BB-creams, which appeared on sale not so long ago, immediately fell in love with our women. Domestic manufacturers also hastened to please our compatriots with this product, and BB-cream from Bielita-Bitex is one of them. Immediately after its appearance on store shelves, this tool acquired a huge number of fans.

Description and varieties

The Belarusian manufacturer Bielita-Bitex is characterized by the high quality of its products and their affordable price.

His product line includes hair, face, body and nail products. At the same time, the assortment is represented not only by care products, but also by decorative cosmetics, in particular, BB creams.

All BB creams manufactured today are designed to nourish and moisturize the skin and at the same time hide its defects, such as pimples, rashes and redness. But the Belarusian manufacturer went even further, he created an innovative product that helps to solve not only these problems, but also visually adjust the face, as it is done in Photoshop or by professional makeup artists. However, now it is available to ordinary customers.

Using the products of this manufacturer, you can forget about the need to use separately sunscreen, moisturizing, nourishing and toning creams. All of them are placed in one tube. Convenience and economy are simply there.

In the Bielita-Bitex product line there are a huge number of items of BB creams of various types and purposes. But the most popular and best selling are: BB creams "Young Photoshop Effect", day complex "7 in 1" SPF-15 and cream corrector from the series "Perfect skin". These tools are practical and economical to use, effective and safe. They have a lot of positive qualities, but still slightly different from each other. Therefore, it makes sense to talk in detail about each of them.


The Belarusian manufacturer has created a whole set of face care products, which was called "Perfect skin". Its range includes: micellar water, tonic, scrub, mask, serum, eye cream, cream for problem skin and directly BB-corrector.

The main advantages of this corrective agent is the possibility of women using all ages and skin types. The manufacturer himself claims that it is best to start using it from the age of 25. To achieve a speedy and maximum effect, you should use this cream in conjunction with all other products, because the Perfect Skin series not only includes products with a cumulative effect. This means that the longer you use them, the longer the result will be saved.

A 50 ml tube contains a cream of light brown color with a light perfume aroma. Despite the rather dark shade of the product itself, it has a very light tinting effect and this must be considered when buying. The consistency of the product is slightly liquid compared to its analogues. But this contributes to its minimum consumption and the possibility of uniform application.

The manufacturer promises that his tool will help even out the tone of the face, give it a natural glow and rid of dull gray skin. In addition, the presence of components that protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation will also help against early aging. A special complex "epidermis", which the manufacturer has patented, forces the renewal of tissue cells at the molecular level, which allows you to narrow the enlarged pores. Extend the life of cells and make the skin velvet and soft. And all this at a low and very attractive price.

Photoshop effect

This product is truly a revolutionary novelty of the Belarusian brand. The cream is sold in a pink tube with a screw cap. Its texture is light, delicate, slightly denser than that of the corrector described above. There is only one hue in the palette. But thanks to its universal formula, it easily adapts to any skin color, so it is suitable for both swarthy girls and fair-skinned women.

It has a light, almost weightless aroma, which, after application to the face, disappears almost immediately. Easy to apply, does not tighten the skin and does not give it additional shine. After application, it becomes invisible, and the skin looks healthy and velvety.

The main functions of this tool are:

  1. Easy skin tinting.
  2. Protection against the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.
  3. Even application and maximum natural matting of the skin.
  4. Masking for imperfections such as rashes, redness and peeling.
  5. Moisturizing the epidermis.
  6. Smoothing out small wrinkles and masking them.
  7. Skin nutrition with essential substances.

That is, the use of this tool allows you to change the appearance of the face, as when using Photoshop, it is for this that he got his name.

But do not forget about the third BB-cream of the Belarusian brand.

Day complex with correction function

This cream is more suitable for women over 30 years old, because it not only helps smooth small wrinkles, but also prevents the appearance of new ones. In addition, it has a high level of protection, namely SPF-15, which makes it indispensable for use in warm and sunny seasons. Using this product gives you the opportunity to smooth out wrinkles, protect your skin, give it radiance and even out tone. One of the main advantages is that it is a complete replacement for a day cream, and even with several additional features.

The texture of the product is quite dense and delicate at the same time. The volume of the tube is only 30 ml, but if used correctly, it lasts for a long time. Apply the cream to the face in the morning on cleaned and dry epidermis along the massage lines in small quantities. It comes on sale in two shades: light tan and natural. For black people, the first option would be an ideal choice, and for fair-skinned women, the second.

The fragrance is light, pleasant, which remains on the skin for about two hours after applying the product. It lays down neatly, evenly, not only not emphasizing peeling of the skin, but also eliminating them due to the deep nutrition of the epidermis. Perfectly hides any skin defects, even rosacea. This skin-improving cream will be a real salvation for problem skin.

Judging by the assurances of the Bielita-Bitex brand, its BB creams are a real salvation for women of all ages and skin types. But, let's find out what the fair sex thinks about this type of Belarusian cosmetics.


Almost all women who became owners of Belarusian-made BB creams were satisfied with their new acquisition and were ready to repeat it again and again. The whole thing, according to them, is the affordability of this product and its conformity to the functions declared by manufacturers. If it is indicated that the cream prevents the appearance of age spots, then in practice this is only confirmed. The same goes for tone leveling and velvety skin.

An important advantage, according to women, is that the cream not only hides imperfections and tones the skin, but also deeply nourishes it, moisturizes and protects against early aging. Convenience of application, economical consumption, the possibility of using one product instead of several: these are the very advantages that all representatives of the fair half of humanity note, without exception.

As a minus, we can only highlight that it is far from every store that you can purchase Belarusian-made BB creams. Therefore, it’s better to go shopping immediately at a company store or make an order online.

The fact that caring and decorative cosmetics from the Belarusian brand is always of high quality and affordable price, as well as a great alternative to foreign luxury products, many know. And the BB creams described above only once again prove this.

In the next video - testing of BB-cream Bielita-Biteks "Young BB -ream".

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