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Lavender Hair Oil

Lavender - an ancient medicinal product used in cosmetology and medicine, is known for its antiseptic, tonic, healing, relaxing properties in maintaining general condition and skin and hair care. The concentrated oily substance obtained by distillation has a recognizable woody color and expressive aroma.

A bit of history

Even the Egyptians called lavender Indian spikelets, since fragrant grass began its life in the Mediterranean and India. It quickly became an attribute of luxury and was a sought-after item in international trade, accompanied by wealthy people both in life and after death, and the flowers found in tombs in incense carried their aroma for three millennia.

The advance of the Roman Empire to Europe opened a new development path in the use of aromatic flowers. Ministers of the church used them, guarding themselves from evil spirits, for ordination, ordinary people wore crosses from dried lavender and hung amulets from inflorescences in their homes.

In the Middle Ages, the cultivation of a fragrant plant in the gardens of the monasteries was mandatory.

Translated from Latin, the word Lavare means "wash." Flowers insisted in baths, added to the water during bathing, which disinfected the body and hair. The presence of antiseptics, organic resins in the ether extract of lavender stops hair loss, increases their elasticity and prevents overdrying of the skin, normalizes oiliness, and eliminates itching. It is also used to enhance blood circulation and improve the metabolic processes of the scalp, follicles.

Lavender oil in a special way combines with oil of geranium, rosemary, conifers, wheat germ and others, nourishes the hair, strengthens their bulbs, improves the general condition. The French were the first in the fourteenth century to apply a unique aroma in the perfumery industry and cosmetics, using perfumes and rinse agents in various compositions, refreshing and rejuvenating the lush hairstyles of owners of the nobility.

Ways to use

Essential lavender extract for the prevention of hair problems is rational to use, mixing it with ready-made shampoos and cosmetic care products, as it interacts well with them. By enriching a tablespoon of shampoo with two drops of lavender, you can prevent dandruff and hair loss, strengthen the roots, promote the growth of new ones. The introduction of up to ten drops of lavender extract into an air conditioner or balm for one use, will lead to their softening, help to gain firmness, elasticity and shine, envelop a pleasant, delicate aroma. Self-massage of the head in the form of aroma combing with lavender oil for ten minutes once a week will favorably stimulate the sebaceous glands, help restore hair after dyeing.

Like any essential oil, lavender in the composition of the means of electrification with the onset of cold weather will help maintain a hairstyle throughout the day.


Aromatic oil products are useful for oily and dry, brittle, damaged hair. All the components included in them are accessible to everyone and at home you can easily achieve the effect of expensive salons. It must be used in a diluted form and directly in the used volume, since the essential oil quickly evaporates. It is often recommended to introduce into finished cosmetic care products or massage compositions.

The mask, the composition of which is yolks, almond or burdock oil and a few drops of concentrated lavender, will give the hair elasticity, shine, and soothe the skin.

A recipe with ingredients such as castor oil or jojoba, mixed with yolk and a few drops of ylang ylang, rosewood, lavender, will provide shine and enhance hair growth. It is better to apply by applying to the roots, followed by wrapping with waterproof material and a warm towel for half an hour.

It will add elasticity to the hair and help to fight against their greasy composition for washing hair in the form of blue clay, water and honey, yolk, a few drops of lavender essential oil. It will help to easily cope with increased grease. Tip: after a half-hour procedure, use a balm to reduce hair stiffness.

Dry, lifeless ringlets will be supported by a mask containing mashed avocado pulp, a tablespoon of jojoba oil and eight drops of lavender oil. The result is not long in coming.

Excellent care is provided with the help of a universal remedy from oils: olive, argan, burdock, lavender essential. Applied to the ends of the hair, they fortify, give shine and strength to the hair. Permissible changes in the composition or proportions of the components.

The mask for restoring broken tips can basically have a normal sunflower, in which a few drops of lavender and peppermint oil are added. Gently spreading your fingers over the strands, cover your head with a cap from a towel over it. After the procedure, rinse with shampoo and rinse with a decoction of chamomile or nettle.

A thermal treatment with a mask of three tablespoons of jojoba oil and five drops of lavender and thyme oils will be a pleasant procedure for you and useful for damaged hair. Then rinse with warm water.

A ten-minute self-massage of the skin using circular and slightly pressing movements will enhance the effect of essential oil in various compositions for hair loss.

It is difficult to overestimate the conditioner used after washing, which contains infused lavender flowers in apple cider vinegar.

In use, the resulting product is mixed with water in a proportion of one to ten with the addition of a few drops of lavender extract.

The lavender rinse agent for dandruff, which contains several drops of the ether extract, one liter of water and one hundred grams of salt or honey, is also well established. The effect will be visible after a few rinses. Thanks to antibacterial capabilities and a rich smell, a home-prepared composition that is not inferior in quality to medications will help eliminate lice.

A liquid of three tablespoons of olive oil, two drops of rosemary, tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender is applied to the hair and scalp during three or four procedures. It is useful to use such a mask in order to eliminate the problem and its prevention.

And now the video is a recipe for a hair mask using lavender oil.


When using essential lavender oil, you need to take into account its features and use after testing for allergies or personal intolerance. To do this, in a diluted form you need to apply to the area of ​​the skin under the knee or on the bend of the elbow, where it is thinner. If during the day no changes, redness or rash appear, then hair care will bring you only benefit and pleasure. In the case of a tendency to allergies, during pregnancy, anemia, epilepsy, it is better to refuse lavender oil.

Using oil with low blood pressure can cause weakness and drowsiness.


After reviewing the reviews about the use of lavender oil for hair, you can draw conclusions about most of the positive aspects and not so. Some people use cosmetics because of the invariable aroma, familiar to many and which is sometimes a guarantee of quality. Many users appreciate the richness of properties and apply it in the fight against dandruff, itching, achieve good results after several times. Lightweight masks also found their consumers, especially since they are so easy to make at home, thereby improving hair growth and their quality. The versatility and practicality of lavender oil in combination with ready-made hair cosmetics is noted.

With frequent use or increase in the consumed amount of Provence balm, overdrying of the scalp can be traced. Before using even such a well-known folk remedy, it is advisable to assess the risks in relation to your health.

Watch the video: 10 Lavender Oil Benefits for Natural Hair GROWTH & SCALP REPAIR. Naturenics (January 2020).


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