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Tonic LibreDerm

Skin care is not complete without tonic - the second stage of cleansing and toning. It helps restore the pH balance of the dermis, which was disturbed by washing and prepare the skin for further moisturizing or nourishing the cream.

LibreDerm facial tonic contains hyaluronic acid, which retains and accumulates moisture in the layers of the epidermis, making its surface smooth and healthy.

Among the tonic products of the Russian brand there are two types of tonics: micellar product and classic hyaluronic, the advantages of which do not differ significantly.


Skin tonics of the Russian brand LibreDerm are in great demand among compatriots due to the safe composition and the presence of “working” components for a particular skin problem.

  • Facial tonic helps clean the surface skin from dust and dirt, makeup residues even after washing;
  • You can use LibreDerm as a refreshing agent. during the day or night, to remove oily sheen and sweat;
  • Normalizes the acid balance of the skin (pH) after washing and using water;
  • Moisturizes and saturates with moisture dermis;
  • LibreDerm tonic prepares skin for further care and enhances the action of a moisturizer series;
  • It is suitable for any skin type, including sensitive skin. due to the presence of hypoallergenic components in the composition: thermal water, natural extracts, glycerin;
  • LibreDerm contains no parabens, flavors and silicones, so after using it there is no sensation of a greasy film on the surface of the face.
  • LibreDerm tonics do not differ in skin typeHowever, in the product line there is a product for matting and normalization of the sebaceous glands, a classic moisturizing and micellar composition.
  • Products are stored in convenient, concise packaging. made of durable plastic and used thanks to the application on a cotton pad.

You will see an overview of LibreDerm brand products in the next video.



Much has been said about the benefits of micellar water: it gently removes dirt and makeup residues from the face and soothes the dermis irritated after washing. The Russian manufacturer of pharmaceutical cosmetics LibreDerm in one product combined the refreshing properties of water and tonic, releasing a unique moisturizing product.

Miceclean Micellar Toner has a transparent texture and no aroma.

It contains no alcohol and parabens, so the product is suitable for the care of any type of skin prone to irritation. Among its components is glycerin - a skin moisturizer that is often found in carotid creams for the dermis of the face. In addition, the product LibreDerm contains panthenol and grapefruit extract - a natural antioxidant and tonic component, a little castor oil for moisturizing and allantoin.


It is based on hyaluronic acid - An important component for moisturizing dry and dehydrated skin. LibreDerm Hyaluronic Facial Toner is especially suitable for sensitive skin of any type, since it contains no allergens.

The hyaluronic composition will become relevant for dry skin, as it can saturate it with additional moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

It will be appropriate for oily and combination dermis, since this type requires hydration and timely cleansing.


The matting product LibreDerm contains seracin - A complex of sulfur and zinc for the care of problematic and oily type of dermis. Both components have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, as part of the LibreDerm product they can prevent inflammation and smooth out already formed ones, normalize sebum production and control oily sheen. Thanks to the regular use of the LibreDerm matting tonic with seracin, the skin surface is evened out and the appearance of pigment spots, or post-acne, is reduced.

After the first application, a reduction in oily sheen is observed, the skin becomes dull and remains so for several hours.

Only one product can replace other tonic products for oily and problem skin - micellar or thermal water. Its regular use during the month gives a noticeable effect: a visible reduction in pores, reduction of inflammation, leveling the general tone of the face, leveling its surface.


The Russian brand LibreDerm has established itself as an affordable pharmacy analogue to expensive products, and reviews about the brand's tonics are mostly positive.

The last issue was matting tonic with seracin - a substance that can regulate the production of sebum and normalize the acid balance of the dermis. It is designed for the oily and problem type, and women note its excellent work even on mature skin. Young girls with epidermal problems note that the matting product LibreDerm helps in the fight against inflammation and disinfects the surface of the dermis well.

Hyaluronic tonic is suitable for a normal dermis: it is said to be a universal remedy for toning and refreshing the skin at any time of the day or night.

Another micellar product is considered to be a micellar product that is used for cleansing, including makeup removal, and toning. Consumers note the low cost of the products and their ideal work with problems on the dermis.

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