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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Light face oil from Avon

If you are looking for a product that softens and moisturizes the skin, which makes it healthier and radiant, you should pay attention to products containing only ingredients of natural origin. Avon knows what every woman needs and the proof is Light oil "Wonderful shine" of a line "NutraEffects".

Avon's lightweight face oil gives softness, firmness and elasticity.

The cosmetic product has a light, weightless consistency and saturates the cells with moisture and the necessary complex of vitamins. Activation of collagen production and active hydration creates a barrier that protects the skin from external negative factors. Avon's lightweight face oil called "Wonderful light"absorbed in a few minutes.


The entire NutraEffects product line contains a specially designed Active Seed package.

Its base is a vitamin complex, antioxidants, natural Arabian coffee extract, natural oils:

  • Olive. It is rich in vitamins A and E, which saturates the skin cells;
  • Marula. Helps to repair damage, prevents inflammation, activates metabolic processes;
  • Flax. Nourishes and moisturizes, fights with visible signs of aging;
  • Babasu. Kills bacteria and germs;
  • Passion fruit. Saturates cells with linoleic acid, moisturizes and softens.

All ingredients are of natural origin, which eliminates an allergic reaction to the skin. Each component has unique positive properties, which allows you to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.


All Avon products have stylish and beautiful packaging and “Wonderful Shine” is no exception. The glass bottle is equipped with a pipette, which makes the application very convenient. For a single application, it is enough to take 2-3 drops. This amount is enough to evenly apply on the face. One minute is enough for the preparation to be completely absorbed and the skin will be ready for the following procedures, applying cosmetics. Many women use it as an alternative to the cream or with it. The drug will be an ideal foundation for any type of makeup. The tool is very economical, and its affordable price makes it popular.


Unlike other oils, Avon products do not leave any marks and a sticky feeling on the skin. Many women use this tool as a cream. The effect of applying easily the “Wonderful Shine” oil will be visible after two applications. The skin looks healthier and more well-groomed. Buyers of the product note the affordable cost of the product. Similar products with a similar composition are many times more expensive.

The new Avon oil is not oily, with a light aroma and leaves no residue.

It contains a complex of five oils that have a good effect on my skin. Pleasantly moisturizes and gives a natural look. Women using light oil report only positive changes after using this remedy.

Women note the ease of use of the drug.

It is enough to apply 2-3 drops with massaging movements on the cleansed face skin. After a minute, the product is completely absorbed without leaving any visible traces. Thanks to this quality, many women use it every day.

Owners of sensitive skin monitor the composition of the funds used. A light oil "Wonderful Shine" contains extracts of five natural oils, which many users noted. The effect after application is visible almost immediately. Apply it every day, as a basis for cream.

The Avon brand has earned the trust of many women. By testing the Wonderful Shine light oil, customers appreciate all the benefits of the product. Of the tangible benefits called rapid absorption, does not give an allergic reaction, does not close the pores, has a neutral smell.

Avon fans have praised the new Wonderful Shine. It helps solve skin problems such as peeling, irritation and dryness. It is quickly absorbed and has a light, pleasant aroma.

Based on characteristics such as price and quality, most women opted for Avon products. Excellent composition without unnecessary chemistry, affordable price and ease of use have become decisive factors.

Having studied the compositions of similar products of other brands and user reviews, we can draw several conclusions by comparing them with the "Wonderful Shine" oil:

  1. Analogs do not have such a balanced and effective composition;
  2. Some drugs are based on ingredients of a chemical origin. For example, capric acid;
  3. The cost of Avon oils is one of the most affordable.

Video - a review of light face oil from Avon see below.

Watch the video: AVON Miracle Glow Facial oil Review + Demo I Different ways to use Facial oil (January 2020).


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