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Maybelline Powder

Maybelline is considered one of the most common and successful brands. This company has been manufacturing high-quality cosmetics for several decades. An example of good production is Maybelline powder.

It can be difficult to find high-quality powder that does not clog pores and truly mattifies the skin. Therefore, products from Maybelline are so popular. In this article we will consider the benefits of powder from this brand as a whole, and several of the most popular models separately.

About Brand

Maybelline was founded in the last century. They are engaged in the production of high-quality decorative cosmetics. In the assortment of the brand you can find products for the face, and for the lips, and for the eyes. Almost all new products from Maybelline are quickly sold out and immediately get good user reviews. To date, the company decided to expand its range a bit, starting to engage in the production of makeup products.

Features and Benefits

It is matting and tinting agents that are considered the most successful of the entire range of the company.

This is a fairly budget option for creating the perfect complexion that always pleases with quality. Maybelline powder is suitable for girls with different skin types. You can choose the right product for yourself, because manufacturers offer tools to solve a variety of problems.


Since many girls use powder almost daily, it is very important that this tool does not harm the skin. This is possible if the product has a good composition without unnecessary chemical elements that simply spoil the skin.

However, it is worth remembering that the basis of powders, as before, is talc.

And he, as you know, can clog pores. Even the most modern and environmentally friendly products still can not be completely safe. So that the product does not harm you, each time it must be completely washed off the skin. If you do not, then because of the purchase of pores, you may have acne or comedones, which will only add to your problems. Correctly rinse off the powder - this means not just rinsing the face with warm water. Makeup must be removed from the face with a cotton pad dampened in a special make-up remover, milk or micellar water.

After you have cleaned your skin, it is advisable to moisturize it with a nourishing night cream.


The palette of shades of powders from Maybelline is quite rich. Of course, tonal creams and concealers are more diverse, but also matting products can be selected for any complexion. The most popular shades are now the colors under the numbers 15, 9 and 17. Powders of neutral shades are bought up the fastest. Next in popularity are the tones for "snow white", which also very quickly fall into the category of "sold out".

But dark colors are often chosen for sculpting.

How to apply

With how to apply powder, few people can have problems. But there are features of applying powder to certain types of skin.

First of all, if you have dry skin, then you should prepare it for applying makeup. For this, you can use a primer or a simple moisturizer. And owners of oily skin can additionally use suitable color concealers to better mask imperfections. Powder is a product that does not mask imperfections, but only makes the skin more matte, and make-up - as resistant as possible.

Therefore, do not expect that with one layer of powder you can hide all your rashes and redness.

As for directly applying face powder, there are also subtleties here. The product is applied to the face surface as thinly as possible so as not to clog pores and not create a mask effect.

Also blend the powder correctly. Be sure to pay attention to the transition zone of the neck to the face. There should not be a strong contrast in this place.

Since in this case, the makeup will look very unnatural.


From the entire range of products from Maybelline it can be very difficult to choose something that is right for you. Let's look at some popular products from this brand, which are worth paying attention to girls and women.

Superstay Better Skin 24h

The first of these products is such a super-resistant powder. As the name implies, she rests on her face for a very long time, making it well-groomed and matte.

This powder can really give you the perfect tone for several hours.

New York Affinitone Powder 24h

Today, the entire Maybelline line of persistent products is actively gaining popularity. Powder from this series works just as well as tones and concealers. And to achieve maximum effect and create a beautiful even tone, manufacturers recommend using immediately matting and tinting agents from this series in makeup. Powder is presented in much fewer shades. Therefore, one tone of cream or concealer accounts for one powder. This greatly facilitates the process of selecting a product. The advantages of this particular product can also be attributed to the fact that it is sold in very convenient packaging.

It is round, small and complemented by a comfortable sponge. So, even if you don’t have makeup brushes yet, you can still make up beautifully with this product.


This product is good for everyone, but most often it is recommended for oily skin. The fact is that such a powder perfectly removes oily sheen and makes the tone of the face more even and beautiful. This powder will be almost invisible on the face.

Dream matte

This tool is a relatively new development. Compact powder in a small package will take its rightful place in the handbag of any girl and woman. It is quite dense in its structure, so it allows you to hide minor flaws. In addition, as the name implies, it is able to give you a real matte dream tone.

Dream Wonder 2 in 1

Double powder from this brand allows you to make the skin matte, even, and velvety to the touch without any effort. Just pick your perfect tone, and you will look really unsurpassed with such a make-up.

Studio Master Sculpt

If you are looking for a sculptor of the shade of light, which will allow you to correct the shape of the face, to adjust those areas that you do not like and emphasize the advantageous areas, then the product "Maybelin Master-Sculpt" is ideal for you. This highlighter comes complete with a special brush that allows you to perfectly blend the powder particles, making the tone even and as close to natural as possible. In addition, sculpting powder is presented in several colors at once.

MaybellineNY official make-up artist Dominic Samuel in this video will reveal the intricacies of applying Master Sculpting powder.

True illusion

For dry skin, a product called True Illusion is suitable. The powder nourishes the skin, but at the same time it holds very well on the face. It is waterproof, which means that no unforeseen conditions will spoil your perfect appearance.

How much is

Products from the Maybelline brand belong to the budget category. Powders from this brand cost less than a thousand rubles. Typically, prices vary between 500 - 800 rubles, depending on how popular the tool is and what effect you get after using it. Also, manufacturers often offer customers various promotions and discounts for regular customers.

Therefore, you can always get good powder for a fairly small amount of money.

You can buy products from this brand on their official website or on many other online sites with which the company cooperates. As for conventional stores, Maybelline powders, like all their other products, can be found in many cosmetic stores. In particular, Rive Gauche is working very closely with this brand, so on the shelves of this store you can definitely look for something for yourself.


One of the best characteristics that really allows you to decide whether or not to buy a product is reviews from real people. Maybelline Powders receive both positive and negative feedback. This is not surprising, because we are all different, and the same products cannot suit us.

But in general, most of those who bought one of the powders from this brand, and managed to try it in the makeup process, confirm that the product is really high-quality.

  1. The first thing that many shoppers praise is convenient packaging. All compact powder from Maybelline fits easily into a purse or cosmetic bag. And all packages are stable and durable, so you can not be afraid that they fall apart.
  2. Skin Matting Really do their job well. If your skin is not very oily, then you can hide the unpleasant gloss for several hours. Choose persistent matte powders, and then you will definitely get a good result that will last on your face all day.
  3. The advantages of women also include the moment that the product diverges very economically. Therefore, one purchase is enough for a long time of active use.

Negative reviews most often leave girls with too dry skin. The main cause of complaints: products emphasize peeling and make the skin even drier.

From these reviews we can conclude that the product is well suited for girls with normal or slightly oily skin. If your face does not have very severely dried areas, or pimples and redness, then the powder will help to create a beautiful tone and make your face more well-groomed and expensive looking.

Watch the video: MAYBELLINE FitMe Loose Powder vs LAURA MERCIER Translucent Powder alisonpereira (January 2020).


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