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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Cream

Vichy is a French brand that produces medical cosmetics based on thermal water. The brand uses advanced technology and the latest knowledge in the field of medicine and molecular biochemistry to achieve the best skin care results. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Cream is one such product.


The main slogan of the Vichy company is the possibility of comprehensive skin care for the face of any woman, all depending on the influence of external factors. A large number of adverse conditions - environmental pollution, stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition - affect the skin. That is why the company is aimed at improving the epidermis of every woman. Aqualia Thermal Day Cream serves several purposes:

  • freshness of the face - due to the thermal water in the composition, the dermis is moistened after the first application, and the active substances retain moisture inside;
  • restoration of the water-salt balance of the skin - due to the micronutrient-rich composition, dermal cells are restored, regenerative functions are turned on, and metabolic processes between the layers of the epithelium are restored;
  • environmental protection - the epidermis’s own protective barrier is restored with the help of active substances in the composition, so that the skin of the face is not exposed to external pollution, stress and fatigue.

The cream is intended for dry, sensitive and normal skin. It contributes not only to its nutrition, but also to deep hydration. In addition, it can be used universally: as a day cream for makeup foundation, and as a night cream for intensive nutrition of the dermis.


Vichy Aqualia Thermal Face Cream is suitable for intensive moisturizing for 48 hours. The inclusion of a large amount of nutrients, restores the skin and makes it less sensitive. The tone is also leveled and the skin becomes dull and velvety.

Thanks to thermal water and hyaluronic acid, the cream has not only a calming effect, but also evens out fine wrinkles. Suitable for any age.

Triglycerides, glycol, glycerin, thermal water are only the first active substances that are mentioned in the composition. Continuous hydration of cells in the deep layers of the dermis allows you to restore metabolic processes, activate the regenerative and protective mechanisms of the skin. Active hyaluronic components and water from thermal springs, tested according to all dermatological standards, allow you to intensively moisturize and saturate the dermis with moisture from the inside. The composition contains microcapsules of a special type with active substances that penetrate deeper than a regular cream, literally irrigating the skin with vitamins.

Despite all the active ingredients, the consistency of the cream is light, not overloaded, as required for moisturizing cosmetics.

How to apply

The dehydrated skin treatment is suitable for daily use. Apply the cream twice a day: morning and evening, after cleansing your face of cosmetics and other products. Some application tips:

  • in order for the cream to absorb better and the active substances to act quickly, the epidermis should be treated with a scrub before the first use - so the top layer will be cleaned of dead cells, opening the pores for intensive nutrition and moisturizing;
  • apply Aqualia Thermal to completely cleansed skin;
  • for the correct action and smoothing effect, the cream should be rubbed along the massage lines: from the nose to the cheekbones, gently stroking and in circular motions running fingers on the face until completely absorbed;
  • cream should not be applied to the skin around the eyes.

The tool is hypoallergenic and can be used at any time of the year. It does not have stickiness, is quickly absorbed and does not leave a film effect on the face.


Having a hypoallergenic composition, having passed a huge number of tests and dermatological studies, Vichy Aqualia Thermal cream, however, has mixed reviews. Many talk about its uselessness, others speak of it as the first assistant, and still others simply write that there are more negative consequences than positive results.

The main advantage is the opportunity to try the cream on your skin for free - you can get a Vichy Aqualia Thermal probe at any pharmacy. This indicates that the company has an open policy and the opportunity to engage in dialogue with customers.

Definitely, girls express their opinion: the product really moisturizes the skin, promotes its nutrition. However, it is not suitable for normal skin type (although the manufacturer claims the opposite) - the effect of stickiness, oily sheen on the skin is created, and the cream, light in texture, is not completely absorbed.

Girls explain: the composition is not saturated with useful substances, and several nutrient inclusions do not give the proper effect. The discrepancy between price and quality also upsets many. The benefits, however, include the soothing properties of the cosmetic product: it can be applied to the irritated parts of the dermis, after which the redness will subside after a few hours.

The ambiguity of the reviews suggests that the moisturizing composition from Vichy Aqualia Thermal is not suitable for all girls, and the skin reacts individually even to hypoallergenic compounds tested by dermatological and biological tests. Therefore, most advise you to buy a Vichy probe first, and only after that, with a positive effect, buy a cream that costs about 1000 rubles per 120 ml.

You can learn more about Vichy Aqualia Thermal from the video.

Watch the video: VICHY Aqualia Thermal Rich And Light Cream Review (January 2020).


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