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Clinique Pep Start Cream

Many girls ignore the presence of various creams and gels for the skin area around the gas. And very in vain, many experts in the field of cosmetology believe, since without these funds facial treatment is considered incomplete. Next, you will learn more about the relatively new Clinique Pep - Start eye care product.

About Brand

The cosmetic brand was founded in 1968. It is a subsidiary of the Estee Lauder brand. Clinique was the first to offer perfume-free cosmetic products that were carefully developed under dermatological control and also tested for allergies.

Currently, the company is very much appreciated for its makeup, as well as a wide variety of skin care products for all ages. Clinique products are loved by millions of women around the world for their highest quality and guaranteed results.

About cream

Clinique Pep - Start is a moisturizer - gel for the skin around the eyes. A nice movie with the effect of cooling in just a couple of touches will relieve fatigue and get rid of bags under the eyes. In addition, the combination of peptides in this cream will help retain moisture in the skin for a longer time, making it elastic.

This tool is suitable for all skin types. Thanks Clinique Pep - Start You will instantly get a fresh look and a rested look. It instantly brightens and moisturizes tired skin. Works daily, improving your face. You can apply in the morning and evening. Many girls have already chosen this tool as their must have, because it transforms a tired look in a matter of seconds.

Transformation of the skin around the eyes with Clinique Pep Start cream in the video:


The composition of this miracle cream will delight even the most fastidious customers, as the brand’s specialists really worked hard to use the cream to solve basic female problems, such as swelling, dryness and, of course, bags under the eyes.

The composition contains glycerin and sodium hyaluronate, which act as moisturizers for the skin, their molecules are in excellent contact with water, as if drawing it deep from the skin. Shea butter and squalane perfectly soften the skin and relieve puffiness. These moisturizing ingredients slightly thicken the skin and smooth out fine wrinkles under the eyes.

The synthetic peptide acetyl hexapeptide - 8 is also called "Botox in the bank", it can slow down the formation of wrinkles. This component is not toxic, but, according to many cosmetologists, it is a worthy replacement even for injections.

The composition also contains caffeine, which relieves swelling. Magnolia bark extract has an anti-inflammatory effect. Seaweed and yeast extract in the composition brighten and enhance the natural radiance of the face.

Expert Advice

To obtain the best result and the desired effect after applying the Clinique Pep-Start cream gel, specialists and cosmetologists of the brand also recommend taking a closer look at the Pep-Start series of products, which includes:

  • Pep - 2 in 1 Scrub Cleanser - Start, perfectly cleanses the skin and gives it a well-groomed look. Do not overdry.
  • HydroBlur Moisturizer Matting & Moisturizer moisturize the face and hide on it all the undesirable.
  • Hydro Rush Moisturizer SPF 20 Instant Moisturizer moisturizes your skin throughout the working day. It will also provide protection against harmful UV rays. Refreshes and refreshes the face.


Many women are satisfied with the invention of this cream gel and have already taken it fully armed with their cosmetic bags. Most note that they like to apply it not only before makeup, but also sometimes use it throughout the day, since this tool will still act positively and refresh the look. In addition, according to the girls, the tool really works as the manufacturer claims.

Some people criticize this product for a conventional applicator and prefer to apply it with a finger, since it really has a positive effect on the skin around the eyes.

As a result, we can say that most of the girls recommend this product for purchase, since they noticed significant changes after using it.

Watch the video: NO MORE DARK CIRCLES!!! New CLINIQUE Pep Start Eye Cream Review!! (January 2020).


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