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Tanning L'Oreal

In the distant past, pale pink skin was considered the standard of beauty. Today, women have completely different priorities. It is stylish, fashionable and beautiful to have a dark and tanned skin. With the advent of warm spring and the first days of a hot summer, girls especially begin to think about this issue. Light and airy sundresses and dresses look feminine and romantic on slender female figures. To make the image more spectacular, many would like to have not white, but tanned skin.

Special cosmetic products can solve the problem of more than one hundred beauties. Many people have already appreciated the tanning of the L'Oreal brand, preferring this company to prefer products for creating a tan at home.

Manufacturers of cosmetics offer contemporaries an incredibly huge range of these products: creams, lotions, gels, sprays and more. There are products of the budget line, but there are expensive means. However, when choosing a tan, you need to focus not on the price range, but on the quality of the product. L'Oreal brand products have been very popular all over the world for many years. During this time, the company has firmly established itself in leadership positions among competitors.


L'Oreal brand tanning contains dihydroxyacetone, better known to the commoner, called the sugar molecule. This component interacts with the cells of the upper layer of the skin and causes their darkening. In addition to the sugar molecule, tanning products of this brand contain glycerin, various fragrances and flavorings, as well as components of the moisturizing properties and extracts of various herbs.

The main advantages of tanning brand L'Oreal include:

  • a large selection of cosmetics;
  • fast absorption into the skin;
  • ease of use;
  • does not leave spots and dark marks on clothes (including things of light colors);
  • the skin has a beautiful shimmering shade;
  • homogeneous structure, providing the opportunity to obtain an even tanned skin tone;
  • the ability to hide / mask various defects on the skin;
  • it is easily washed off, while on the body there are no spots, streaks, pigmentation.

Look at the blogger’s video about the tanning line L'Oreal brand:

Unfortunately, one cannot speak exclusively about the positive qualities of cosmetic preparations, because there are no ideal remedies. However, tanning cars of this brand have only a few minor flaws:

  • specific smell (today in the world there is no means for tanning, which would have a pleasant aroma);
  • upon contact with the eyebrows and hair roots, the skin in that area becomes yellowish.

L'Oreal Product Line

The products of the French company L'Oreal are presented on the international market in a wide assortment. The fair sex is offered a large selection of tanning products, which can be classified according to species. At the same time, each line has several series, respectively, the company has not ignored a single woman.

The main line of products for tanning brand L'Oreal consists of the following positions:

  1. Milk - a light texture allows you to evenly and effortlessly apply the drug to clean and dry skin; the shade is as close as possible to the natural color.
  2. Gel - evenly applied to cleansed skin, giving smoothness and perfectly masking various defects. The most popular products of this type are Sublime bronze and Cool Freshness.
  3. Napkins - an innovative technique among cosmetics for tanning.
  4. Spray - in comparison with other products, this tool is easy to use, as well as quick absorbency.
  5. Cream is the most difficult tool to use, since the color of the tan depends on the thickness of the layer of the drug.
  6. Mousse - characterized by a delicate texture, which is not only easy to apply, but also very quickly penetrates the upper layer of the skin, giving it a beautiful dark-skinned hue.

How to choose?

There are no special secrets with the choice of means for tanning the face and other parts of the body. First of all, you need to be guided by your budget. Having opted for the L'Oreal brand, then you should determine the type of drug. Someone likes milk more, and someone prefers sprays. In this case, it is important to carefully study the component composition of the selected product in order to exclude contact with ingredients with which individual intolerance is possible

Make sure that the composition is necessarily the component responsible for moisturizing. Due to the fact that this kind of cosmetics dries the skin too much, you need to take maximum care of its protection and hydration.

How to use

In order for the result to please and the product perfectly "colors" the skin in a light chocolate shade, it is necessary to adhere to some rules. However, having bought a tan, do not rush and immediately apply it throughout the body, first you need to test for allergic reactions. To do this, apply a small amount of the drug to a small area of ​​the skin and wait. After 20-30 minutes, you should carefully examine the skin, if there are no rashes, redness or itching, the product is suitable for use. Otherwise, this drug is contraindicated, as it can adversely affect health and provoke allergies.

Little tricks of using tanning to get the perfect result:

  • Make hair removal 24 hours before applying the product.
  • For 7 days, completely eliminate the use of drugs that contain amino acids.
  • Cleanse the skin (for better effectiveness, you can peel or use a scrub) and do not use perfumes, oils and antiperspirants.
  • Tanning is applied only to a clean and dry body.
  • It should be borne in mind that a smaller amount of the drug is needed on the ankles, elbows and knees.
  • To protect the hands (so that they do not absorb too much “pigment”), it is recommended to use gloves.
  • To protect lips, eyes, eyebrows, hair roots from getting tanning products on them, you must first apply a cream of oily type to these areas.
  • After the procedure, you should wash your hands thoroughly, even though they worked with gloves on.
  • Exclude water procedures for several hours after applying tanning.


Having studied the reviews, it seems that in general women respond positively to tanning beds of the L'Oreal brand. They note a homogeneous structure, ease of application and removal of funds, as well as excellent results.

However, there are not quite positive statements about this product. Someone complains about the high cost, someone is not happy with the result. Most often, negative reviews are left by girls who have not been able to evenly apply the product, which is important when using tanning.


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