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Vichy Moisturizer

Proper facial care is not complete without daily moisturizing, and Vichy Aqualia Thermal moisturizing face cream is suitable for this purpose. Vichy brand got its name thanks to the small city of Vichy in the heart of France and its thermal spring Lucas, where two businessmen met once. The company produces high-quality hypoallergenic cosmetics for face and body care.

Let's return to the daily moisturizing of the skin, as an integral ritual of self-care. There are several unique products in the Vichy line, designed to maintain the beauty of the epidermis and solve the problems of dryness and dehydration, depending on its type. Vichy aqualia thermal - Daily SPA-care for dermis, based on water from a natural source and modern scientific research.


  • Hypoallergenic composition Vichy Aqualia Thermal allows its use for women with any type of skin: dry, normal, combination, oily;
  • Vichy aqualia thermal will fit for sensitive skin due to the presence of natural ingredients and the absence of fragrances;
  • Light cream It has a calming, strengthening and regenerating effect;
  • There are hyaluronic acid, which is famous for the ability to accumulate and retain moisture inside the cells;
  • Regular use of Vichy Aqualia Thermal Cream will allow saturate the skin with moisture and a complex of nutrientsget rid of dryness and dehydration;
  • The texture of the cosmetic product is light, weightless, which ensures its rapid absorption and the absence of discomfort during application;
  • Cream makes the epidermis smooth and uniform in texture;
  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal Performs a natural barrier to our skincreating a thin and invisible film on the surface of the skin.


The daily moisturizer is based on thermal water from a pure natural source Lucas, which is located in the province of Vichy in the heart of France.

Thermal water is formed at a depth of 4 thousand meters and passes through igneous rocks, due to which it acquires those useful and unique trace elements in its composition. It contains calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, fluorine, potassium, sulfur, boron, which individually protect the dermis, moisturize, regulate the production of sebum, and act as natural antioxidants. The thermal composition contains 15 minerals that have penetrated the structure of Vichy Aqualia Thermal moisturizer.

Another significant element in the chain of basic components - carrageenans - derivatives of algae.

It is known that sea herbs are powerful antioxidants and promote skin regeneration, stimulate cell renewal and lead to rejuvenation. However, their presence in the daily cream does not mean that it is suitable only for mature skin, Vichy Aqualia Thermal will be appropriate for use on the epidermis of any age as a base.

The cream contains hyaluronic acid - an important component for proper hydration.

It contributes to the accumulation of moisture inside the skin, so that the dermis becomes dense, smooth and acquires radiance. The active component of Vichy Aqualia Thermal is the unique Aquabioril component, which has the property of instant and long-lasting hydration.

How to use

Daily use of Vichy Aqualia Thermal moisturizer will help achieve smooth and healthy skin, but only the correct use of the product guarantees a visible result.

  • Apply cream Vichy Aqualia Thermal on the surface of the dermis with gentle movements and distribute it with light massage, while you can “pat” a little on the dermis with your fingers for additional toning and better penetration of the product;
  • It is recommended to use the product Aqualia Thermal twice a day - morning and evening;
  • Can limit yourself to using the product at once, in the morning or in the evening, replacing it with another night or day cream according to the type of dermis;
  • Use cream in moderation and do not allow the presence of excess product on the skin; otherwise, remove them with a napkin by applying it to the face.


About Vichy Aqualia Thermal CreamDynamic hydration"speak of as a daily helper in skin care.

The product rating according to one well-known site is very high, which confirms the unsurpassed work of a hypoallergenic moisturizer. Women note its light gel-like structure and the fact that the product is instantly absorbed into the skin, without leaving an unpleasant tangible film on the surface. Vichy Aqualia Thermal has no pronounced odor - another plus for contemporaries with increased sensitivity.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal is used to care for combination and problematic skin due to the light texture of the product and fast absorption - this does not allow clogging of pores.

Moreover, the product is based on components that help reduce the production of skin sebum. Saturated with a complex of trace elements, Aqualia Thermal cream is suitable for sensitive skin care despite its rich composition.

You can learn more about Vishy cream from the video.

Watch the video: VICHY Aqualia Thermal Rich And Light Cream Review (December 2019).


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