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Eyebrow Burdock Oil

Many people call eyebrows a “crown” for beautiful eyes. They are able to emphasize the look with the help of the correct bend, or vice versa, spoil any makeup. If you want to always be on top, you should treat your eyebrows carefully and provide them with proper care. Burdock oil will help you in this matter, strengthening and restoring the structure of hairs. Accessibility and ease of use contributes to the fact that this tool is popular with women around the world.

Benefits & Features

Burdock oil for eyebrows has a natural origin, so it has a large number of useful qualities that will be in demand in the field of cosmetology. Natural bioactive elements can not harm the human body. Occasionally, they contribute to allergies. The composition of the product contains: beta-carotenes, inulin, vitamins of group C, E, selenium, zinc, silicon and so on.

You will learn how to grow eyebrows with burdock oil from the video.

Burdock oil has benefits for hair growth, and also helps strengthen the cilia. This is due to the fact that it contains stearic and palmitic fatty acids. They are able to penetrate the structure of the hair and exert an influence on it from the inside. Thanks to the use of this drug, you can get elastic and shiny hairs, getting rid of hair loss. Beauticians believe that the constant use of an oil remedy helps get rid of the problem of baldness and activates growth.

About how to apply burdock oil for eyebrows and eyelashes you will see in the video.

This oil gives a miraculous effect due to its regenerative and antioxidant quality. The result can be evaluated after one week. Natural components enter every cell, providing it with nutrition.

You can use special branded drugs, the use of which allows you to get an effect after a short period of time, but their effect is temporary, because such drugs work due to hormones, and the suspension of receipt leads to the opposite result. The burdock provides natural benefits, maintaining results for a long time.

What is burdock oil for and how to use it you will see in the video.

Application methods

To activate the growth of hair follicles and strengthen them from the inside, you need to apply burdock oil on the eyebrows daily. Its placement on the cilia will lead to the fact that you can grow attractive and thick hairs. You will need a small brush that massages the medicine with a massaging motion. Such actions enhance blood circulation and give the skin with hairs trace elements. Some girls add red pepper to the oil composition, but this carries a certain danger, including the occurrence of burns.

To maximize the effect, cosmetologists recommend preparing a thermal extract. It is heated in a water bath. To do this, put the oil in a small spoon, and for three minutes keep over boiling water. You can use the kettle, pot, ladle.

It is important to apply the drug correctly. Distribute the composition evenly over the eyebrows and eyelashes, and then brush the hair in the direction of hair growth, and then in the opposite direction. Remove excess oil. To do this, you need to get your skin wet with a napkin or cotton swab.

Use an oil in the evening. It is best to take therapeutic measures after you take a bath. You can leave the burdock all night, washing off only with water.

If you plan to get thick and wide eyebrows that attract attention with their rich color, burdock should be applied on a daily basis, once a day. The length of treatment depends on the initial state of the hairs. Eyebrows with severe damage require long-term care, which lasts at least six months. Healthy hairs can be treated from two weeks to two months.

Such a product is characterized by its natural composition, therefore it practically does not have harmful qualities. The danger in itself is fraught only with individual intolerance to the drug. Checking your body for allergies is very simple, you will need to conduct testing before use.


Apply a small amount of oil on your wrist and wait two hours. If your skin is covered with redness or rashes, you should not use a burdock. Sometimes it happens that the allergy did not show itself on the hands, but itching began in the eye area. Similar symptoms also apply to an allergic reaction.


Burdock oil is famous for its effectiveness in relation to the growth of eyebrows. Most recipes can be used to care for eyelashes, except for masks with red pepper. A large number of reviews confirms the effectiveness of folk methods that each girl can use independently at home. Depending on the ultimate goal, certain components should be added.

In its pure form, the product shows excellent results, but if you add other useful components to it, you will get miraculous masks that provide complete care.

Warming mask

The mask enhances blood circulation, improves nutrition of the hair bulb, ensuring maximum hair growth. The drug consists of a large spoonful of burdock oil, half a small spoonful of mustard powder and yolk.

You will need to combine mustard with heated burdock oil, and then add the yolk to the mixture. All ingredients are mixed and applied in a thin layer on the eyebrows. It is recommended to leave the mask for 15 minutes, then rinse with plain water. You can further treat the eyebrows with burdock oil after the procedure.

Vitamin Nutrition

A compress of vitamins is very popular, which leads to maximum saturation of follicles with vitamins, which leads to the manifestation of density. The drug consists of half a teaspoon of burdock and almond oil, one capsule of vitamin E and A.

Oils need to be mixed, add vitamins. The product is applied to the eyebrows with the help of thorough rubbing. The mask is left for a couple of hours or all night. At the end of the procedure you need to wash your face with cool water.

Customer opinion

Modern women have often used burdock oil for eyebrows. The oil tool has a variety of reviews, most of which are positive. Those who could not wait for the action of the drug are dissatisfied with the effect. The category of people who understand that folk methods do not differ in speed of action leave positive comments.

Despite the long period of treatment, burdock oil has an excellent result, which persists for a long time. Despite the fact that you need to wait long enough, it is much better than constantly dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes.

This organic product, which is extracted from the roots of a healthy plant, is actively used by girls during vitamin deficiency, which appears in the spring. Burdock is used as a prophylactic against loss, improves the hair structure.

Those who used burdock oil, note that the product is the best option that will help enhance hair growth, give them a rich color and density. Oil returns female beauty and carefully takes care of it with the help of a vitamin cocktail.

Watch the video: Black and Regular Castor Oil for Fast Hair Grow Eyelashes Eyebrows (December 2019).


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