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Almond oil for nails

Almond oil is a unique cosmetic product used since ancient times for various purposes. It is enriched with saturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, and is able to perfectly nourish and restore the skin, especially the hands. It's no secret that they are especially susceptible to harmful effects. It is the skin on the hands that is most prone to dryness and aging. Almond oil is a real salvation not only for hands, but also for nails and cuticles.

Composition and benefits

The composition of this universal remedy includes proteins, carotenes, oleic acid, monounsaturated linoleic acid, as well as vitamin E and B2.

This miracle remedy is able to restore the skin of the hands, nourishing and moisturizing it, helps to accelerate the growth of nails, relieves dryness and prevents brittleness, helps get rid of delamination of nails, and also softens the cuticle.

It has the property of regulating water-lipid metabolism, improves color and eliminates dots on the plate and redness around it, tones, improves and restores the structure of nails.

In addition, the oil is an excellent wound healing, anti-inflammatory agent and a good disinfectant.


It is recommended to apply almond oil regularly. This also applies to those who have manicure, nail polish, etc. This will not harm the coating in any way, but it will be perfectly strengthened and will give additional nutrition to the hands and nails. It is advisable to do procedures with this tool every day. It does not take much time, but it is very effective.

According to the recommendations of specialists, you can make a special mixture based on almond oil for use later as a massage tool for your pens, cuticles and nails. To do this, take 50 ml of almond oil, add the essential oil of lemon and lavender to 15 or 30 drops. The healing and fragrant mixture is best applied to the cuticle and massaged for 2 minutes. In addition, the procedure is best done in the evening before bedtime, since, as you know, it is the night that the process of skin regeneration is activated. That is why, night time is especially effective for all kinds of medical and nutritional procedures.

Almond oil is also useful to combine with other oils in order to enhance the beneficial effect. For example, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, walnut, avocado, etc. are suitable for this. They can be mixed in approximately the same proportions.


One of the simplest and most useful procedures for softening the cuticles, strengthening nails and nourishing the skin of the hands are healing baths with the addition of almonds. The composition of the mixture used in this case includes 1 tsp. almond oil, five drops of olive seeds, 5 drops of castor and 5 drops of jojoba, one capsule of vitamin E and 5 drops of tea tree ether and ylang-ylang.

An oatmeal bath designed to strengthen nails is also very popular. It contains the following ingredients: oatmeal, water and almond oil.

First, oatmeal must be boiled using approximately the same amount of cereal as when cooking oatmeal. After this process is completed, add 15 grams of oil to the porridge and mix. Next, you can lower your hands in cooked oatmeal. It is recommended to hold hands for at least fifteen minutes. May be longer.

After the process is completed, grease your hands with a greasy cream. Handles after this procedure will become soft and tender, and nails strong.

For full effect, it is also recommended that you massage your hands for 5 minutes every day. Regular comprehensive hand care procedures will lead to the best results, and they will be longer lasting.


Before buying a product, it is always recommended to read customer reviews. After all, information in various sources on a particular product is not always consistent with what customers say, having experienced a particular tool on themselves. Sometimes expectations are not true. Almond oil is a very common and popular tool that is used quite widely. And there are a lot of opinions about the results of use and its effect on nails.

It often happens that when they first hear about almond oil, they are in no hurry to try it on themselves. Despite the fact that other means in the fight against brittle nails and dry skin of the hands did not bring results. But still, after deciding to try almond oil, the nails really become much stronger, and the skin on the hands is softer.

And even in cases where there have never been problems with nails, you should not give up almond oil. In this case, too, it can bring significant benefits, since its impact is multilateral. It can also be added to body creams for additional nutrition and skin softening. And also do a gentle cuticle massage, for example. In this case, the nails will acquire a more even and beautiful color and will grow better.

When exfoliating nails, the help of almond oil is priceless. Literally after a week of constant use, the nails really cease to exfoliate and break. They become significantly stronger, and their growth is accelerated.

According to customer reviews, you can see that the investment information about almond oil corresponds to what they actually say about its use. It is universal. It can be added to body creams, to make baths with its use or a light massage of the hands and cuticle. The skin will be grateful for such a gift, and the nails will grow stronger and begin to grow with renewed vigor.

Caring for your hands is easy enough. To do this, you do not need to spend huge amounts of money on expensive drugs or visiting nail salons. It is quite possible to arrange a spa for your pens at home. Almond oil is a very effective tool that will not hit your wallet, but will become a real assistant in organizing the right care for your hands and nails.

If the condition of the skin of the hands is not the most ideal, then this can be changed with almond oil.

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