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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Powder Perfume

The smell of a woman can tell a lot about her owner. Of course, the natural smell is very important, but it can not always be as pleasant as the woman herself wants. That is why perfume compositions are so popular. Properly selected aroma is capable of captivating, attracting attention and even falling in love.

Perfumes and eau de toilette, which smell like powder, are especially liked by women of different ages, status and status.

Features and Benefits

Many perfume companies pay special attention to the creation of women's perfumes with the aroma of powder. This perfume composition leaves a pleasant train, associated with warmth, comfort and velvet. The smell got its popularity in the early 50s, when the first such perfumes from Givenchy came out.

The first sensation may be similar to when you try sweet perfume. Indeed, there is something similar between the two perfumes. But still, the aroma of powder is more refined, sophisticated and light than perfumes with a sweet smell.

Perfumes with a powdery aroma may contain notes of flowers of roses, iris, violets and hyacinth. It is unlikely that there is a girl in the world who would not like the aromas of these colors.

The smell of powder leaves an unforgettable mark, falls in love with yourself forever. If someone has ever used this perfume composition, they will never be able to refuse it.

Popular fragrances

Narciso rodriguez

This perfume belongs to the type of woody-floral-musky. It is the presence of floral notes that allows to attribute the perfume composition from Narciso Rodriguez to a number of powdery. Due to the presence of woody shades, the fragrance at first seems rude and masculine, but when opened, it gives unsurpassed pleasure, a feeling of warmth, femininity and freshness.

Judging by the reviews of the girls, the aroma is rather heavy for summer, it is better to use it in winter. It is in the cold season that perfumes are ideally revealed and go well with the smell of frost.

Cacharel noa

The first thing your eye falls on when choosing perfumes is their packaging. These perfumes are dressed in an elegant bottle in the form of a transparent drop, nothing superfluous, but very elegant and unique. The first notes of perfume are a combination of fruits, white freesia and peony. In his heart are lily, jasmine and ylang-ylang. Basic notes are revealed in the form of sandalwood, frankincense and cedar.

Compared to most fragrances of this type, Cacharel Noa has a lighter texture. The absence of a sharp saturated smell allows you to use it in any situation, it does not scare people around. The smell envelops you like a light veil, giving comfort, coziness and self-confidence.

Kenzo flower

Like all fragrances from this brand, Kenzo Flower has a unique, feminine set of notes, each of which complements all the others. Perfume composition combines fragility and courage, rudeness and tenderness. Discover the aroma of mandarin, blackcurrant and hawthorn. Rose, opopanax and violet are concentrated in the heart. Incense and vanilla complete the masterpiece.

Chloe love

These perfumes or eau de toilette are considered surprisingly universal, as they can ideally suit both a young ambitious person and a lady of mature age. The main functions of the fragrance are emphasizing elegance, femininity and sophistication, so any woman is an object of adoration.

The effect of a powdery plume is achieved with the help of iris and musk in the base notes of the composition.

Cerruti 1881

Many girls who are just starting to use perfumes from this perfume house can argue that he was not standing next to powdery aromas. In fact, this perfume composition is a vivid representative of perfumes with the aroma of powder.

The secret lies in the unique combination of all notes, where the top notes play an important role.


Perfume Valentina Poudre from Valentino - perfume with a talking name. They appeared on the shelves of perfume boutiques in 2016, and many lovers of powdery aromas have already managed to appreciate them. Now perfumes are considered truly rare, even to get a sampler or tester is quite problematic, since the fragrance is extremely popular and quickly disappears from the shelves.

The aroma is extremely persistent. Like many other perfumes, it reveals itself differently on skin and clothing.

How to choose

The choice of perfume is not an easy task for every girl who decides to try something new. Of course, a store consultant will tell and help you decide on a perfume, but you shouldn’t completely rely on the choice of an outsider. In order to evaluate the smell, you will be offered to try it on a blotter, which does not allow the composition to fully reveal. That is why you need to buy certain perfumes only by testing them on the skin.

Not every perfume store allows you to apply perfume to the skin, so after choosing several scents, get their sampler. Only in this way you can choose your perfume with precision, in which you will not be disappointed.

An overview of the powdery fragrances of Chopard, Guerlain, Tom Ford, Chanel in the next video.

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