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Castor oil for skin

Castor oil is famous for its nutritional properties, which is why it has been widely used in modern cosmetology and home care. In addition to the application on hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, this component is used for facial skin care: it not only nourishes it with a complex of fatty acids, but also has an antibacterial effect on the epidermis.

Learn more about the useful properties of castor msl from the video.

Beneficial features

  • It perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the dry surface of the face, fights against peeling and itching;
  • Its use is indicated on keratinized areas of the face and body due to the emollient effect; The nutrients in its composition smooth the surface of the epidermis from the inside and fill dehydrated skin with moisture;
  • Legends form about its anti-aging properties;
  • Facial skin restoration (color, texture) provides regular use of the lipid product for both young and more mature skin;
  • The lipid components of the composition form an invisible film on the skin and protect its surface from external factors such as UV rays.

You will learn how to use castor oil for face, hair, and eyelashes from the video.

The benefit of castor oil is determined by the set of fatty acids in its complex:

  • Ricinoleic acid It has a softening effect on the epidermis: it gives a feeling of softness to the surface and gives it a velvety appearance. In addition, the acid acts as a kind of barrier and protects the epidermis from external adverse factors (sunlight, wind, dust, dry air). In castor oil, ricinoleic acid also serves as a “filler” - it fills the cells with lipid compounds and gives the epidermis strength and elasticity.

It is worth noting that ricinoleic acid can cause allergies due to its high concentration in the composition of the finished product; it is perfectly absorbed into the skin, however, its overabundance can lead to clogging of pores and difficulties in its removal from the surface.

  • Linoleic acid present as the main ingredient in castor oil. It contains vitamins A, E, D, K. It acts as an antioxidant for the epidermis and is responsible for the energy balance of cells; linoleic acid has pronounced antiseptic properties and contains anti-inflammatory components that help fight rashes on the face.

Linoleic acid in castor oil has protective properties, which defeats the use of a pharmacy product before going to the beach or in a harsh windy winter.

  • Oleic acid allows other fatty components to penetrate better into the deeper layers of the epidermis and acts as a catalyst for metabolic processes in the skin. It makes the face softer and moisturized, nourished with life-giving moisture, and unlike the acids mentioned above, it is absorbed more slowly into the pores and layers of the epidermis. Oleic acid as part of castor oil affects the softening of tissues and the action of additional lipid compounds and vitamins, so its benefits are noted above all.

Castor oil has a number of unique properties and has a beneficial effect on the epidermis of both a young girl and a mature woman. The action of its composition is limited by the individual characteristics of the body and epidermis and those cosmetic products that have this product in their composition.

It should be noted the benefit of “castor oil” for eyelashes and eyebrows, if using it on the surface of the face did not bring much success.

How to choose

It is recommended to choose castor oil in a pharmacy, which can act as a guarantor of its natural composition and good quality. A pharmacy product can easily be called the basic component of cosmetics, both as the basis for a home mask and as a separate indelible cream.

Signs of this castor bean extract are:

  • The ductility and viscosity of the composition;
  • High fat content;
  • A subtle scent.

The use of a castor product is appropriate for any skin type due to its special composition and actions. Despite the dense, viscous formula, the oil is easily applied and distributed over the surface of the epidermis with light smoothing and massage movements.

For problematic and oily skin, it is recommended to use the product as part of a mask and exclude its use in its pure form - this can cause clogging of pores. For dry skin, the use of the product is practically unlimited, so it can be applied to the entire face in moderation.

How to apply

The use of castor oil is not limited to anything other than allergies to the individual components of the product. Before use, do a sensitivity test: apply a fat extract to the bend of the elbow and wait 10 minutes; if there is no itching and redness, it can also be applied on the face.

Its use is defined by several rules:

  • Apply the product only on the previously cleansed face so that the composition does not “clog” the pores and act inside the epidermis;
  • Distribute a few drops of the composition over the face along its massage lines; oil is quickly absorbed into the skin and forms a tangible film on its surface - a barrier against adverse external conditions;
  • It is important not to overdo it with the amount of oil, otherwise an unpleasant sensation will appear on the skin and the composition will not be easy to partially remove from it - only with soap or another aggressive cleanser;
  • Processing of facial skin with “castor oil” can be done both with the help of fingers, and thanks to a cotton pad or stick;
  • A single use of castor oil allows you to see the effect - it tightens smooth skin, saturated with acids and moisture, soft and supple;
  • Castor oil for oily skin provides normalization of lipid metabolism; in addition, the oil dries up minor inflammations and whitens post-acne spots with spot use.
  • Care for dry skin with the help of "castor" will achieve a quick and high-quality effect of fatliquoring; if the flaking epidermis is too dry, impregnation can be applied 1-2 times a day for one month, after which it is recommended to take a break.
  • Castor oil can be used as a pure product to moisturize and saturate the epidermis, or as a base or additive in a homemade mask for the face or body. After using a washable mask, gentle cleansing of the epidermis is recommended to continue the work of the fatty acids of the pharmacy product.
  • Castor oil is a potential allergen for sensitive skin, so its cleanliness on the face is limited to 20 minutes, after which it is recommended to rinse the composition with water or a decoction of herbs.

Kastorka is suitable not only for cosmetic face care, but is also actively used for the treatment of skin imperfections: for tightening the abdomen due to the nutrition of dry epidermis, whitening age spots, from fungus on the skin or nails due to its high antiseptic properties.


Universal application

Try adding a few drops of castor oil extract to your daily cream - this “trick” will enhance the nutritional effect of the cosmetic product. To reduce the appearance of age spots, use castor oil pointwise: apply it on post-acne, freckles or other spots 2 times a day.

Castor oil excellently fights against shallow scars on the face or body, striae (stretch marks) and other unsympathetic phenomena. Apply clean oil daily for any imperfection. Use pure product as a cream for lips and eyelids: rub a drop of oil with your fingers and lightly pat it on the face.

For normal to combination skin

To create the simplest homemade facial mask, mix castor oil with water in equal proportions and apply to a cleaned surface: a similar composition can be called hypoallergenic due to the lower concentration of oil. Use a fresh home product 1-2 times a week as a washable mask to improve complexion and normalize the sebaceous glands.

To renew the skin, use gruel from raw potatoes, castor extract and sea buckthorn.

A potato mask based on "castor oil" will become an assistant in the fight against imperfections and give velvety epidermis. Make mashed potatoes without using butter, just mix the crushed potatoes with 2 tablespoons of warm milk, add a couple of large tablespoons of castor oil and one egg yolk. Apply the mask and leave it on for 20 minutes.

For problem skin

Castor oil has an antiseptic effect due to the content of ricinoleic acid in it - a powerful antioxidant. For the treatment of acne and skin rashes associated with increased work of the sebaceous glands, pharmacy castor oil and additional ingredients of natural origin are used.

One of the most effective masks against acne has the following composition: 1 tablet of aspirin, a teaspoon of castor oil, 1 egg whipped in foam and a decoction of chamomile, calendula (optional). Crush the tablet with the powder and mix with the rest of the components to form a homogeneous composition and apply to problem areas - cheekbones, forehead, cheeks, chin, nose.

For dry skin

In equal proportions, mix castor extract, olives and sea buckthorn; it is important that the components are preheated - this will allow them to mix better and absorb more quickly into the epidermis.

Beat the egg yolk and add warmed castor oil to it; mix the components thoroughly and apply the finished composition to cleansed face for 20 minutes.

For the nutrition of dehydrated skin, paste-like cottage cheese, the yolk of one egg, a teaspoon of "castor oil" and a little honey are useful. The resulting consistency has a high density and excellent nutritional properties.

To moisturize the skin, use a mixture of cooked oatmeal (in water or milk), a teaspoon of castor oil and liquid honey.

Natural fruit acids will help moisturize the epidermis: mix gruel or banana with a teaspoon of “castor oil” and apply on clean skin. Leave the composition for up to 20 minutes and wash with warm water without using soap.

For mature skin

Use a whole complex of vegetable oils to combat shallow wrinkles on the face: mix in equal proportions the extract of castor oil, wheat germ, shea, olive, sea buckthorn, apricot. You can remove and add components depending on preferences and their availability.

Review of the best

Well-known manufacturers are pharmacy brands: BioLine, Ivanovo and Tula pharmaceuticals.

Beautician reviews

Beauticians recommend treating castor oil with caution due to the fact that it is an allergen. With big problems with the face (severe inflammation, purulent, allergies), you should consult a doctor; otherwise, the use of a plant product is not limited.

Watch the video: 10 Castor Oil Beauty Benefits for Skin and Hair (January 2020).


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