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Almond oil for face

Beauticians recommend the use of almond oil to combat skin problems. Moreover, this oil has a universal effect. It is suitable for the skin of not only the body, but also the delicate skin of the face. But not all women know what exactly is this oil, how to apply it and what it consists of.

How to get

Already in ancient Egypt, women performed many procedures using almond oil. Beauties knew that this substance is rich in a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids useful for female beauty.

They managed to find out that this oil is an indispensable cosmetic product for the face, since it has a rejuvenating effect. It accelerates the metabolic processes of the skin and is a natural antioxidant. That is why almond oil is widely recognized among women in all countries of the world.

The production of almond oil is associated with a cold pressed process. Walnut kernels come under strong pressure. Nuts of both sweet and bitter almonds are suitable for this process. It is the technology of cold pressing that preserves the maximum possible amount of vitamins and minerals in the resulting substance, since the structure of these useful substances is not disturbed, they have an extremely positive effect on the skin of the face.

That is why such a tool is perfect for skin rejuvenation and to maintain its beautiful appearance. The cold press allows you to get almond tree essential oil, which has the most useful and nutritious properties that allow you to preserve female beauty.


Almond oil contains a huge amount of essential ingredients necessary to maintain the natural beauty of the skin. Its constituent elements accelerate the process of regeneration of epithelial cells. That is why it is believed that almond oil can have a rejuvenating effect, and it can also improve complexion.

Almond tree oil contains vitamins A, B, E, F, which have a positive effect on each type of skin and even on the hair. Vitamin A, which is part of this substance, is responsible for hydration. And such a component as vitamin E helps to establish the process of cell regeneration and accelerates their division. Another element - vitamin F, is able to cope with the release of excess sebum, it perfectly controls the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

It also helps to narrow the enlarged pores of the skin.

In addition to these elements, this tool consists of oleic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Almond tree oil also contains a huge amount of minerals and salts necessary for the body. In general, all of these components are a very effective tool that has a healing, moisturizing, regenerating, caring and nourishing effect.

Skin Benefits

Almond oil is an indispensable tool for absolutely any skin. It is able to nourish the dry dermis, and also it has a moisturizing effect. Almond oil saturates the skin cells with essential nutrients and helps exfoliate old keratinized skin cells.

Almond oil is the most suitable product for the fair sex with oily skin. It is able to regulate the sebaceous glands, as well as cleanse contaminated pores and tighten them. Almond oil also has anti-inflammatory effects. It is able to cope with redness and the manifestation of an allergic reaction on the skin.

Many experts recommend the use of almond oil to treat various diseases that appear on the skin. With it, you can relieve itching, as well as get rid of dermatitis. Almond oil has a calming effect on irritated skin.

Almond oil is also able to accelerate blood circulation, which is why it can make the skin more elastic and toned. These properties make it possible for almond oil to have a rejuvenating effect on the skin of the face. That is why, in order to slow down the aging process of the skin, you can add a few drops of almond oil to your favorite cream, intended for daily use.

Many experts note the benefits of almond oil for those women whose skin is prone to dryness. The protective effect of this wonderful product is also noted, which is very important for owners of sensitive skin, as well as dermis, prone to dryness and irritation. In frosty times, almond oil can protect against adverse weather conditions and have a nourishing effect on the skin.

Also, with its help it is possible to protect the skin of the face from harmful solar ultraviolet radiation in hot weather.

Indications for use

Many cosmetologists recommend the use of almond oil as one of the components of any homemade facial mask. One of the main indications for the use of this mask is dry skin, as well as the presence of other skin problems. Before using this product, it is necessary to clean the skin. It is best to use a scrub to remove dead skin cells.

After this procedure, you can apply almond oil, because in this way it penetrates deeper into the skin. This procedure will determine the effect of this substance on the epithelium from the inside. At the end of the use of this tool, it is necessary to thoroughly wash it off the skin. It is best to rinse almond oil with warm water, while acting gently and without rubbing the skin.

It is very important to carefully apply the oil in the area around the eyes, because there the skin is the thinnest. To remove this product from the face, it is better to use cotton pads. After using such a product and washing it off the face, do not completely wipe the face. It’s better to just pat it with a dry towel.

Many cosmetologists recommend using almond oil every day. In addition, it can be used as a substance that removes makeup from eyebrows or eyelashes. To do this, apply a little almond oil on a cotton swab, and then wipe areas with makeup, such as eyelashes, eyelids, eyebrows, lips. The main thing is to avoid contact with eyes. At the end of the procedure, wipe your face with a damp cloth.

Almond oil is also indicated for women who want to get rid of pigmentation. It is even able to rid you of freckles. To do this, it is necessary to wipe places with severe pigmentation with an almond every day.

Almond oily substance helps to cope with teenage skin problems. It copes with acne and black dots. It also deeply cleanses pores and helps remove traces of acne. If your face skin has a greasy sheen, you can remove it with almond oil. To obtain this effect, it is necessary to wipe the face skin with almond tree oil every day.

Almond oil is very widely used in cosmetology. This is due to the fact that it has a very light structure, unlike other healthy oils. It is also very quickly absorbed into the skin and does not cover it with a film. That is why cosmetologists recommend using oily substance obtained from almond kernel as a base for many nutritious and anti-aging creams, lotions, as well as for many healthy masks that can be easily prepared at home.

Experts also recommend applying it to the surface of the skin and without impurities instead of cream. Pure almond oil can be rubbed on the skin with light massage movements. The necessary amount of oil is absorbed into the skin, and you can easily remove the excess by wetting your face with a dry cloth.

Proper use of pure almond oil will give the skin elasticity, in addition, it is an excellent remedy for premature aging and wrinkles.

Many cosmetologists recommend using an almond remedy daily. Moreover, it is specified that it is very easy to choose the right one, because it is suitable for each type of skin, it can be used both for owners of dry or normal dermis, as well as for owners of oily and combined skin. For women with dry skin, almond oil will provide the necessary nourishing effect and help protect their skin from external influences. In addition, it is an excellent tool in the fight against peeling.

Beauticians also recommend wiping with an almond and sensitive dermis, as it has a calming effect and copes with redness.

Very often in cosmetology, almond oil is used to nourish the skin around the eyes. This tool is often used in this way, since this part of the epithelium is the most sensitive and delicate, and the oily substance obtained from almonds very carefully affects the area around the eyes and does not cause irritation.

Beauticians are also advised to use almond oil for women with normal skin types. It is recommended that you add a few drops to a day or night cream and apply it daily this way. So the almond remedy will tone the dermis and maintain its normal appearance. In addition, it will help prevent many skin problems and protect against the appearance of dry or oily areas of the dermis.

Mask recipes for different skin types

An oily substance derived from almonds is very often used as the basis for many face masks. This tool is a universal base. It should include various masks in combination with different components, depending on what effect on the skin you want to achieve.

If you have dry skin, you need to make a moisturizing mask of almond oil and pulp of fruit. In this case, as a fruit component, you can use the fruits of kiwi, apple or watermelon, fresh grapes will also be an excellent fruit base with an antioxidant effect. The fruit component must be mixed with a teaspoon of natural cottage cheese and a teaspoon of almond oil. This mixture should be brought to a homogeneous consistency and applied by massaging movements on the skin.

The specified mask will provide an excellent vitamin charge for the skin and will have an excellent nutritional effect on it. The resulting composition should be left on the skin of the face for about twenty to thirty minutes. After the specified time has elapsed, the mask must be washed off with warm, clean water.

For oily skin it is best to make a mask with almonds according to the following recipe. The oily substance obtained by squeezing almonds must be mixed with fresh protein of one egg and tincture of St. John's wort, the last component can be purchased at each pharmacy. All these components should be mixed and allowed to infuse for ten minutes, and then gently spread over the face and leave for twenty minutes. Such a mask will help to cope with inflammation on the skin, and will also help get rid of oily sheen on the skin. The result of applying this mask will be noticeable after the first procedure.

For problem skin For a person who is prone to acne or acne, you need to make the following mask at home. One potato tuber must be boiled in water and then diluted to a puree consistency. In mashed potatoes you need to put a tablespoon of calendula, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, and two tablespoons of lemon juice. These ingredients must be mixed, and then add to them two tablespoons of almond oil.

The resulting mask will resemble gruel. It must be gently smeared on the face, avoiding the area around the eyes. All ingredients must first be slightly warmed up, and then left to cool. This composition is best kept on the skin for about fifteen minutes, and then it must be washed off with warm water.

As you know, almond substance can be processed and very sensitive and thin dermis. That is why it is possible to prepare a mask with almond oil, which will have a tonic effect. Such a mask perfectly soothes sensitive skin and has a proper protective effect on it. This almond face mask is absolutely safe and very useful, which is why it is suitable for every skin type.

The composition of such a mixture should include a tablespoon of lemon juice, ground to the state of flour flakes of oatmeal, as well as a spoonful of almond oil. Milled oatmeal should be diluted with warm water until a homogeneous consistency is obtained, then almond oil and lemon juice will need to be added to this composition. Such a composition must be applied to the skin with light smoothing movements. This mask will need to be washed off after twenty minutes.

Reviews of cosmetologists

Beauticians speak about almond oil extremely positively. They note its useful composition and the wonderful qualities of its constituent components. Experts recommend carefully studying the composition of the cosmetic product when buying it. If the label of almond oil indicates that it includes various impurities, do not give preference to this tool. It is best to purchase one hundred percent natural almond remedy.

It is also best, according to experts, when buying, give preference to unrefined butter. Beauticians also recommend purchasing almond oil exclusively in a glass bottle, and the beneficial properties are best preserved in the oil, which is placed in a dark glass bottle. Also, experts recommend that before use, familiarize yourself with all contraindications and be sure to observe all necessary storage conditions for this substance.

Beauticians point out that before applying almond oil to the skin of the face, you should warm it up a bit.

You can warm it between your palms, as well as in a water bath or by placing a bottle of oil in a container of hot water. Beauticians recommend applying this oil to women with problematic skin daily. They note that the effect of this drug is best manifested with regular, but course treatment, that is, it is better to use this drug daily for one month, and then take a short break and then start the course of application of almond oil again. The result of applying this product on the skin of the face will be noticeable after a few days.

Experts in the cosmetic field indicate that after a week of daily use, almond oil makes the skin more healthy, supple and velvety. At the same time, it has a complex effect: dry becomes more hydrated, and a fat dermis becomes smoother and less greasy. Experts write that this wonderful tool is able to transform the skin of the face. That is why they recommend using it for women with any type of facial skin, as well as for the fair sex of all ages.

Almond face oil will make your skin beautiful and radiant. This video will tell.

Watch the video: CLEAR GLOWING SKIN w Sweet Almond Oil. Segen Misghina (January 2020).


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