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Clinique Powder

Many girls cannot imagine their makeup without such a final stage as applying powder. This tool helps to highlight the natural skin tone and make it more even. To date, this product is presented both in the range of budget brands, and among luxury cosmetics. Powder from the Clinique brand won great love of customers. The benefits of these powders and the most popular products will be discussed in this article.

About Brand

Clinique appeared on the market relatively recently. It was founded in 1968, but literally in several decades managed to gain immense popularity. She succeeded thanks to the fact that manufacturers are trying to make cosmetics as high-quality and hypoallergenic as possible.

An important role in this was played by the fact that the company was founded by a professional dermatologist. Therefore, the brand’s approach to creating all its products is exclusively professional. And their powder is no exception.

Features and Benefits

Compact powder is considered one of the most popular types of cosmetics in the world. Such cosmetics are very convenient because they can be stored not only on your dressing table, but also in a small cosmetic bag.

Another important advantage is that a convenient rounded sponge or a small brush always comes with the powder itself. This makes makeup easy, and you don’t have to carry any accessories with you.

It is impossible not to mention the extremely high-quality composition of powders from this brand. They include small particles that fit well on the skin, while creating a light shimmering shade.

Product Overview

Despite the fact that all products from this brand are considered to be of equal quality, there are several most popular products.

Almost Powder Makeup SPF-15

Today, this powder can be attributed to the latest developments of the company. When it was created, manufacturers supplemented the base with useful antioxidants. This allowed us to make the powder lighter and achieve a moisturizing effect.

In general, this powder is not much different from the traditional compact powder from Clinics. But due to its lightweight texture, it is able to give the skin a fresher look and stay on the skin longer. This powder is perfect for problem skin. It mattifies well the surface of the face, without clogging the pores.

Even on a hot day, this light matting foundation will remain on your skin, keeping your complexion even and natural, and avoiding the appearance of oily sheen. In addition, it will save you from scorching sunlight. So even if you do not apply a cream with protection level SPF-30 before going out, your skin will still remain healthy.

Anti blemish solutions

For oily skin, Anti Blemish Solutions powder is also suitable. She hides an unattractive gloss and camouflages minor flaws. As practice shows, powder is able to matte the skin for several hours. However, you can always take it with you in order to correct makeup at the right time.

This powder is good in that it can be easily applied in several layers. This means that even if you correct makeup several times, cosmetics will not begin to exfoliate. This powder is very good, although it does not help to hide bright redness.

An additional bonus will be that this tool not only hides minor flaws, but also helps to get rid of them over time. Using regularly Anti-Blemish Solutions, you will notice that most of the rashes have simply come to naught.

Stay-Matte Universal Blotting Powder

This product is perfect for combination skin. It is quite light and fits well on the skin. This tool is a good mattress to the skin. In addition to this, it allows you to fix makeup, which will remain in perfect condition longer, even on a hot day.

At the same time, due to the light texture, the powder does not weigh down the skin, and you will not have a feeling of clogged pores. The tool is presented in many shades. Therefore, no matter what type of skin you have, you can find the right tone for yourself.

See the blogger’s review of this powder in the next video.

Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder Oil-Free

Silky texture mattifying powder is perfect for dry skin. In the package, it looks tightly pressed, but with a brush or sponge, you can easily apply it to the skin. This even has an additional plus - due to the features of the texture, the product will not crumble and crumble upon application.

One of the most popular shades of this tool is Vanilla. The light shimmering shade of this light powder makes the skin healthier in appearance and really refreshes the face.

Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder

This mineral base helps fight small redness effectively. This powder has been tested by specialists for a long time. That is why in the end we got a quality product that almost instantly solves the problem of redness and noticeable skin rashes.

This tool is perfect for problem skin. If redness or pimples constantly appear on your face, then this product from the Clinics will “soothe” the skin and make it healthier inside and out.

SuperPowder Double Face

For dry skin, this powder is recognized as one of the best remedies. It allows you to hide imperfections without overdrying the skin. This double powder is quite dense, but when applied it does not clog pores and does not create a dense layer of "plaster" on the face.

The powder is fully consistent with the specified tone, so you can choose the usual option, without fear of making a mistake with the color. On the skin, all shades look as natural as possible. And there is no unpleasant chemical smell.

The tool is easily typed on the brush and lays on the skin with an even layer. All the flaws are hidden. As a result of use, a beautiful even tone with a matte velvet finish is obtained.

A convenient bonus for customers will be convenient packaging. It is compact, easy to open, but it does not swing open. Therefore, you can safely carry it in a purse or cosmetic bag, without fear that it will open at an unnecessary moment and stain everything around. Outside, the packaging is durable, and from the inside is supplemented with a mirror that does not get dirty when used.

How much is

Since the products of the Clinics brand belong to luxury cosmetics, such a powder cannot be cheap. Prices for compact tools to mask flaws vary from a thousand to three thousand rubles. These cosmetics are made more accessible by constant discounts and various promotions that the company holds.


Clinique has a good reputation among professional cosmetologists and ordinary customers. Both confirm the high quality of matting products. Powder can be safely used at any time of the year and on any type of skin.

It looks like a make-up completed using this product is good and at the same time lasts several times longer than with any other product.

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