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Camphor Oil for Eyelashes

Beautiful and long eyelashes adorn all the fair sex. It is worth noting that they perform not only a decorative, but also a protective function. Cilia very successfully cope with the role of a barrier against dust in the eyes, thereby creating protection against various diseases, including infectious ones.

Only healthy cilia can provide full protection, so you need to constantly take care of them.


The use of camphor is one of the most effective methods for the care of eyelashes. This product is colorless, has a liquid consistency and a specific aroma. It is produced from Japanese laurel wood by distillation. Camphor oil contains a complex of vitamins and minerals. Separately, it is worth noting that it contains a very large amount of essential acids and oils, so if it gets into your eyes, it can cause a feeling of discomfort, as well as burning and lacrimation.

You will learn more about the features of camphor oil from the video.

How to apply

To become the owner of luxurious eyelashes and to avoid possible troubles, it is necessary to follow a number of recommendations for use and proper application.

  1. As you know, camphor is an environmentally friendly and harmless product. However, it is necessary to do a screening test for an allergic reaction. To do this, drop a drop of oil on your wrist and wait 15 minutes. In the absence of burning, itching and redness, the substance can be safely applied to the eyelashes.
  2. Before use, the oil is heated in a water bath, in a microwave, or by placing a vial in hot water. In no case do this on an open fire.
  3. For ease of application, use a brush from your old mascara, after washing and drying it.
  4. The product must be applied to clean eyelashes without makeup.
  5. The brush is dipped in oil and held along the cilia from the roots to the ends. It should be processed both the upper and lower eyelashes. Then the composition can be applied to the eyebrows in the direction of hair growth.
  6. Avoid getting the product in your eyes, otherwise your pupil will be covered with an unpleasant film for some time.
  7. It is advisable to leave the oil mask for at least an hour, and preferably all night. In the morning, remove product residues by washing.

Masks at home

For fast hair growth

Ingredients: camphor oil - 1 teaspoon, castor oil - 1 teaspoon.

Cooking. The oils are mixed, the resulting mixture is heated and applied to the eyelashes. The composition can be stored in the refrigerator, warming up before each use.

For volume

Ingredients: camphor oil - 1 teaspoon, burdock - 1 teaspoon, vitamin E - 1 ampoule.

Cooking. Stirred ingredients should be at room temperature. If necessary, heat them in a water bath, but not very much, otherwise the vitamin E contained in them will be destroyed. Then you need to add vitamin E from the ampoule. The prepared mixture should be kept on the eyelashes for several hours. She will make them thick, lush and strengthen the bulbs.

For shine

Ingredients: camphor oil - 2 teaspoons, almond oil - a few drops, coconut - 0.5 teaspoon.

Cooking. All components must be moved, and heated before application. The composition seals the hair scales, makes the cilia strong and shiny. This mask can also be used for eyebrows.

Anti-inflammatory with aloe vera

Ingredients: camphor oil - 1 tablespoon, apricot or burdock essential oil - 1 tablespoon, aloe vera - a few drops.

Cooking. All components are mixed and left to infuse for 30 minutes. Then the product is applied to the eyelashes also for 30 minutes, after which it is washed off. The composition has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects. After using it, your cilia will become thick and soft as silk.


The fair sex, who use camphor oil to power their cilia, leave only positive reviews. All women note the strengthening of eyelashes, a decrease in the rate of their loss, increased growth, the appearance of shine.

The cilia become longer, their density becomes more frequent, as a result, the eyes take on a more pronounced shape, and the look deepens.

All means of camphor for eyelashes perfectly fit for eyebrows. The nutritional composition is also applied to the eyebrow hairs with a mascara brush or a cotton swab. Feedback on the results after several procedures is very enthusiastic. Even rare, almost invisible eyebrows have become more pronounced, thick and have gained a beautiful shape.

Watch the video: TESTING. Castor Oil for Hair Growth Eyelashes & Eyebrows (December 2019).


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