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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Tangle Angel Comb

Tangle Angel is part of the British collection of professional hair tools. It is aimed at making your hair comfortable. Its shape in the form of angel wings is intriguing and makes it stand out from other combs called Brush Tangle Teezer.

Differences and Features

However, there is a significant difference between this particular line of brushes, except for an intriguing appearance. They all come with a handle, which makes it easy to comb. But this, of course, is a matter of taste - someone really likes just this look, and someone prefers the good old classics.

Also, many are attracted by the variety of colors and the choice. The design of the brush is quite unusual - the working surface is made in the shape of a heart, and two wings and a slim female silhouette protrude from the back.

It can be used both as a comb and instead of a beautiful figurine.

Made in the UK, although it is collected, as it turns out, in China.

So, the manufacturer promises:

  • Easy and painless combing of any, even the most tangled and naughty hair;
  • Heat resistance, with which you can easily dry your hair with a hairdryer and give it a comb shape;
  • Anti-static function;
  • Makes hair beautiful, shiny and smooth.

Comb size: 19 centimeters long, 9 centimeters wide. There are two more products of this line in a different size, but their functions are exactly the same.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, any product has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • Cope with dry hair;
  • The comb, although smaller, still tears out the hair when combing;
  • You can blow dry your hair without harm to the brush;
  • Pretty hard to get scratched;
  • It is steady in vertical position due to the handle;
  • Made from quality material;
  • The manufacturer promises a reduction in bacteria on the comb and, accordingly, on the scalp;
  • The bristles capture hair well and completely without being deformed;
  • You can comb both adults and children - the bristles do not injure the head;
  • The comb can be washed;
  • She is very light.


  • Wet hair does not comb well;
  • Thin bristles, which will soon become unusable, in contrast to the same Macadamia;
  • In the first few days, the comb may smell like rubber;
  • A sufficiently large brush for the bag, it is recommended only for home use, however, in this line there is a smaller model, just in order to carry.


Here, the opinions of customers diverge very much. Someone is happy with everything, and the result exceeds all expectations, but someone did not fit the brush at all and did not like it.

Many users note that the handle on the comb is very uncomfortable. Someone says that it’s short, someone that’s thin, but you can’t especially hold on to the “wings” - they are very wide. There are also claims to the very appearance - not everyone liked this design.

Also, many noted that there is no antistatic effect. And whether the hair is puffed here or not depends entirely on the shampoo, and not on the comb. The same is with combing - in wet hair, the brush is confused due to its bristles, which are slightly thinner and closer planted. There are many reviews that combing with a Tangle Angel does not turn out as carefully as with everyone else.

On the other hand, it all depends on the type of hair and its density. Someone, on the contrary, writes that combing with this brush is very convenient, it easily unravels the locks, both dry and wet.

The phrase about getting rid of bacteria on a comb entered into bewilderment of customers. Many did not understand what this means, but someone decided that this was just a dubious marketing move.

From the pros: many girls and women say that combing your hair has become much easier, the ends do not split and are generally less injured. Also, almost everyone notes that the price, although rather big, is paying off.

Another more detailed video review, see below.

To summarize, there are undoubtedly positive reviews, but almost everyone says that the Tangle Brush Teaser and Macadamia brush still copes better with hair.

Watch the video: GIRL. . I TRIED A TANGLE TEEZER & THIS HAPPENED! SHOOK (January 2020).


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