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Men's hairbrush

It is believed that in most cases men have nothing to comb, and they need only one simple scallop. But modern reality looks very different, the haircut fashion is changing and requires the appropriate accessories. Men's combs currently has a wide range of patterns.


We are used to the fact that this accessory is usually made of plastic, but this is far from the case. There are many other materials from which combs for men are produced. Consider what they are made of.

  • Metal. Not very suitable material for a comb, especially if a man has long hair. It electrifies the hair, in addition, metal combs damage the structure of the hair, thereby causing its cross section. But it can be a very expensive accessory that emphasizes the status of the owner, for example, a silver comb or made of white gold.
  • Plastic. Most men's combs are made of this material. They are durable, easy to wash, but electrify hair. Which is especially problematic in dry air.
  • Tree. Natural material that does not cause allergies, environmentally friendly. It carries useful properties, depending on which tree the comb is made of. Its use soothes, relieves stress, anxiety, has antibacterial properties, improves blood circulation, and thereby improves hair growth. But such an accessory is very difficult to care for. It dries up, deforms at high humidity, it must be washed in cool water and dried well at room temperature.

  • Animal horns, tortoise shell, ivory. Combs from these materials have a presentable appearance, bear, like the previous version, useful properties, do not electrify hair. Such accessories are very fragile and must be protected from falling. When leaving, it is recommended to wipe with a dry cloth.


There are also several types of combs for men.

  • Comb evenly distributed cloves.
  • Combined comb.
  • Comb with an ordinary handle
  • A comb with a pointed handle.
  • Massage brush.
  • Professional combs for hairdressers.

Comb with even distribution of teeth. Often used by both professional hairdressers and at home. A comb with a wide arrangement of cloves will help to comb wet tangled hair. With often set teeth, it is suitable for daily combing of a short hairstyle. Also used during haircuts, this comb is usually equipped with a measuring line. The average frequency of the teeth will help to apply styling or a mask to the strands.

There are also comb combs, which are divided into two parts and have different frequency of teeth. Such an accessory helps to perform two tasks at once.

A male comb may not have a handle at all, have a convenient hole to hold it in your hand or be equipped with a handle. The handle can also be large, for convenient positioning in the hand, or a thin pointed one, which is suitable for men with long hair to gently make parting.

Massage. At first glance, this accessory is suitable only for those men who have elegant hair, but this is far from the case. Even men with short hair need to have it. Especially if you tend to baldness. Daily use of the brush will help awaken the hair follicles, and thereby stimulate hair growth. Such combs are made of wood, plastic, natural and artificial bristles.


The first will help to dye your hair extraordinary, make highlighting or coloring. Its shape helps to strongly press the paint to the strands, thereby preventing them from getting dirty next hair.

The second will help make the perfect haircut with the pad. Such an accessory has a liquid capsule in the middle and works as a building level, helping to make a perfectly horizontal surface.

A separate group of men's combs is occupied by an accessory for combing and cutting a beard. Usually they are made in the shape of a mustache. Made of metal or animal horns, but there are other materials. They look pretty brutal.

Presents for men

When choosing a gift for men, you can alternatively consider a comb, especially since modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of original accessories.

A folding men's comb made in the form of a dangerous razor is a great gift for your loved ones. They are for hair and beard. It is convenient to take such an accessory with you in your jacket pocket.

You can also give men the original handmade combs made from animal horns or ivory. Such an accessory is presentable, and is perfect for a business man who cares for himself.

You can learn more about men's combs from the next video.


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