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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Hair oil "Orofluido"

To choose a tool that can keep your hair healthy and soft in the conditions of modern ecology, a cold climate, when after wearing a hat the hair shifts and turns into a dandelion - a difficult task for any woman. Each lady tried a huge amount of money, looking for the one that can cope with the tasks.

Hair oil "Orofluido" in translation from Italian 'liquid gold' is a unique remedy from Revlon, which gives the smoothness and shine of the strands. Perhaps every woman at least once acquired the goods of their production. This is the most respected label with more than seventy years of history and a multimillion-dollar army of regular customers in twenty-two countries of the world. All this speaks of a truly high quality of their products, because we know that no lady will buy cosmetics that make her look worse.

It consists of three types of healthy oils from different countries:

  1. Argan oil. Very expensive oil, which is extracted from the fruits of argan tree in Morocco. It has unique, wonderful properties and is used in high-end cosmetic products. Gives brilliance and brightness.
  2. Ground almond oil. At one time, the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra herself valued him. Its radical-rich structure gives volume and elasticity.
  3. Flaxseed oil from the Mediterranean. Gives smoothness.

It can be applied before or after installation. Its composition is exclusively natural components. The oil is designed to increase the obedience of the hair, make it smoother and save the hair from bulging hairs, the effect of dandelion. This is a real salvation for women living in a modern city.

The tool is aimed primarily at women with problematic, weak, brittle strands. Usually, oil is applied to wet, washed hair before styling. Heat it in your palms, and then smear it, lowering your head down, in the usual way. This can be repeated several times in a row by rubbing oil in small quantities to ensure more even application and absorption.

The oil has a pleasant vanilla aroma that is not annoying, which, of course, is an important parameter. Moreover, the aroma is not too strong, it will not interrupt the smell of perfume. The consistency is not very liquid, but rather rather thick, the oil is very pleasant to the touch. Density is a plus, since due to it oil is consumed more economically. When heated, it does not stick, it is applied in a uniform, even thin layer.


Many women have chosen Orofluido as a mandatory hair care product and use it every time they do their hair styling and after shampooing. Looking at the reviews, one can judge that he had his loyal fans, for whom he was the best choice.

Some are scared away by a large number of silicones in the composition, but you need to understand that now they are used in all such products everywhere. Practice has shown that their presence is harmless, they do not adversely affect health and appearance. On the contrary, it is worth noting that they have a positive effect on thin, prone to breaking hair. In this matter, they prefer to check on their own experience, rather than relying on the opinions of fashion magazines.

Women note how much hair has become more silky, strong and thick after regular use of Orofluido. Many noticed that their friends became interested in what they use, although earlier they had problematic brittle and heavily fluffy hair. As they say - the difference is obvious. The hairstyle has become better to keep in shape, and the hair does not become heavier and does not get dirty with oil. It is also worth noting that the oil does not stain and clothes, it dries in a matter of moments, leaving no residue. So to summarize.

Distinctive properties of Orofluido oil:

  • It is instantly and completely absorbed when applied to the hair and dries quickly in the event of contact with clothing without leaving stains.
  • Creates an attractive shine
  • Restores a healthy structure along the entire length.
  • Gives elasticity and firmness to hair
  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • It can be applied to both wet and dry hair.
  • It has a pleasant vanilla aroma, which, however, does not interrupt the smell of perfume
  • Affordable and economical in cost.
  • Recommended by experts in the field of hair health.

A large bottle of funds at a price of about 800 rubles is enough for permanent use for eight months. About a hundred rubles a month for beautiful looking hair, how do you like this option?

There is a package with a more compact volume of fifty milliliters, due to which it can be taken on trips. For a woman, this is just salvation, because she will not take up much space in her purse.

Below is a video review of Orofluido hair oil.

Watch the video: HOW TO SAVE YOUR HAIR WITH OILS. Ayesha Malik (January 2020).


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