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Sprays for hair: a review of funds

Types and features of choice

Daily hair care contributes not only to their beauty, but also to health. Most women opt for products that are not time consuming and easy to use. One such remedy is a hair spray. It is convenient to apply, as a rule, it does not need to be washed off, after using it, the hair looks beautiful, well-groomed and healthy.

Currently, there are various types of sprays. Features of their choice depend on the structure of the hair and focus on solving their problems.

Consider in more detail the main ones:

  • Recovery spray - strengthens the structure and hair follicles. A different combination of oils, plant extracts and vitamins in the product makes the curls look healthy and silky.
  • Thermal spray allows you to protect curls during hot styling with a hairdryer, irons, etc. This tool envelops the hairs with a protective film, and the combination of various vitamins and glycerin in the composition not only nourishes, but also evens out the structure.
  • Moisturizing spray restores the structure of damaged curls. Natural oils soften and make the hair soft and docile.
  • To give root volume. Light vegetable oils in the composition of products do not allow hair to stick together, which creates splendor and volume of hairstyle.
  • Spray for easy combing indispensable for tangled and naughty hair. Silk extract makes hair more elastic.
  • For split ends - special lipids and vegetable oils make the hair more accurate.
  • For dyed hair - It allows not only to preserve color, but also protects from UV rays.
  • Sugar spray allows you to create natural curls with a natural volume, exquisite shine and reliable fixation. The composition includes natural sugar and polymers, thanks to which you can create sensual images.

Ingredients Composition

Most hair sprays include natural ingredients and healing oils that not only look after, but also heal the hair and make it more manageable. So, sea buckthorn perfectly copes with strong loss, perfectly stimulates growth, strengthens from roots to tips. All this is due to the high content of active substances, vitamins and trace elements in this berry. Sea buckthorn shampoo, spray and oil in the compartment will also help to deal with dandruff.

Burdock spray allows you to reduce brittleness and cross-section, does not weigh down the hair, helps strengthen hair follicles. Its use with similar oils and masks will allow you to cure hair and restore the structure.

Hyaluronic acid in the products moisturizes ringlets, they become stronger and smoother. With constant use, you will find a rich shine and softness. In addition, growth accelerates and dandruff disappears, the appearance becomes more healthy. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, the curls will always be well-groomed and very beautiful.

Hair sprays can contain various medicinal oils, for example:

  • jojoba gives curls shine and silkiness, easily copes with hair loss and accelerates their growth;
  • castor - makes curls elastic and strong, soft and healthy;
  • coconut contributes to a chic shine and nutrition of hair;
  • Argan oil nourishes, activates growth, protects from sunlight.

Choose the right products for your hair type so that they look healthy and strong.


On each means the method of its application is indicated. Be sure to get acquainted with it, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. Depending on the type and method of hair treatment, the product is applied to clean, dry or wet curls. The spray is sprayed at a distance of 30 cm along the entire length of the hair and, if necessary, rubbed into the scalp with light massage movements. So you prepare the hair for the styling process. Next, you need to style your hair in the usual way.


Next, we give real reviews of people who used various hair sprays, you can find out the positive and negative sides of each remedy.

  • Kapous Spray Serum for Colored Hair. The manufacturer assures of the restoration of the locks, their nutrition, moisturizing, protecting the color and from UV rays. The price is average, available to any girl. Most of the reviews about this brand are positive, the spray lives up to expectations and the curls really look beautiful, moreover, they are easy to comb. Negative reviews are based on the fact that there is no cumulative effect and after washing the hair, the dryness and brittleness of the tips returns.
  • Ultra hair system. The manufacturer presents a spray activator for hair growth, which must be rubbed into the scalp with massage movements. The price is above average. Positive reviews are based on the fact that curls acquire a small volume and smell pleasantly. Unfortunately, there were more negative moments and many ladies do not recommend purchasing this product, since it does not cope with the properties declared by the manufacturer, the hair does not grow, and in most cases it falls out.
  • Double Elixir by Elseve. The manufacturer claims that the spray smoothes each hair, restores its structure, tightens and strengthens along the entire length. Cost in the average price range. Most girls are satisfied with the results of using this tool. Hair becomes soft, easy to comb, shine and become denser to the touch. Of the minuses, many note a harsh sweet smell.
  • "Instant increase in hair density" by Pantene Pro-V. The manufacturer promises that the hair instantly becomes thick and strong without additional weighting. Most girls agree that the tool copes with its functions at 100%. Plus, it’s worth adding that curls become obedient and easy to comb. The spray has a light pleasant aroma. The price of this tool is quite affordable. Some girls from the minuses note that the hair after using this tool does not become thick, but the manufacturer did not declare this. Therefore, at the moment, "Instant Hair Thickness Increase" by Pantene Pro-V is the leader on our list.
  • Faberlic Moisturizing Spray. The manufacturer certifies effective hydration, nutrition, additional shine, silkiness and easy combing after using this product. The average price range. Many customers noted that their hair is really well moisturized, easy to comb and in general the appearance of the hair becomes much better. But there are also disadvantages, among them an inconvenient spray, due to which the product sprays a stream. And also, many do not like the smell.
  • Blue Spray Argan Oil by Belita. The manufacturer claims that on wet hair it is an excellent thermal protection during hot styling; after styling - a glossy shine appears and the curls are noticeably moistened; before going to bed - curls feed and recover; before going to the beach - sun protection; at any time of the day - intense nutrition, protection and dazzling brilliance. The cost of this product is in the average price range. Most customers note that their curls become more well-groomed, soft and obedient. None of the girls noticed a dazzling brilliance. Some argue that after drying, the hair becomes stiffer.
  • "Intensive recovery" from Dove. The manufacturer notes that the tool prevents brittleness and cross-section of the tips, intensively restores the structure. The price is average, quite affordable. First of all, customers note a very pleasant spray aroma. The product copes with these properties, the curls look alive and healthy, comb well and stack well. Some girls note a slight sticking of hair after application. In this case6, it is necessary to wait a few minutes until the product is absorbed and perform styling as usual.
  • Hyaluronic fluid conditioner from LibreDerm. The manufacturer claims that the hair will be deeply moisturized, silky, with a natural shine, and also promises easy combing and restoration from roots to ends. The price is slightly above average. Most customers noted that the tool does an excellent job with its functions. Curls look beautiful and well-groomed. In addition, the tool has a cumulative effect. Of the minuses, the girls noted a not very pleasant aroma, and also the gloss declared by the manufacturer is absent.
  • "Living Vitamins" by Natura Siberica. The manufacturer claims intensive nutrition and hydration, restoration of structure, smoothness and radiance; lemongrass extract, calendula, vitamins A and E and other trace elements saturate with vitamins and tone the scalp, nourish dry tips, make hair more healthy and beautiful. The price is slightly above average. Most customers are delighted with this product, since it performs all the declared functions 100%. In addition, the pleasant smell remains on the curls for several hours after its use. Negative moments were practically not revealed, except that not all girls liked the sparkles that are part of this tool.

As you can see, there are a lot of hair products and we have sorted out some of the most popular with you. The choice is yours. Remember that any spray needs to be selected based on the type of your curls, then they will definitely look beautiful and healthy.

Below is a video about the features of choosing a hair spray.

Watch the video: Bounce Blow with IGK. Hair Tutorial (December 2019).


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