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Moisturizing Hair Conditioner

No matter how useful the shampoo is, its main purpose is to clean the hair. Washing away the fat and dirt accumulated in the hairs, we expose them. Hair becomes unprotected, easily damaged by easy combing. How to be? A moisturizing hair conditioner will come to the rescue.

This tool should be used to give curls smoothness, obedience and silkiness. It fills the bare flakes of the hairline with useful substances, caring and nourishing them.

What is it needed for

Conditioner is a cosmetic product that is used after washing your hair. Cleansing is a stressful procedure. Even the most gentle shampoo is designed to remove impurities, which means that your hair is completely deprived of protection. Such troubles as dandruff, dry scalp and curls, brittleness and loss can be caused by exposure to shampoo. Especially if it was picked up incorrectly.

Conditioner “corrects” the effects of shampoo, helping the strands gain strength, shine and beauty.

Conditioner VS Balm

These two tools are often confused. Although their action is similar, there is a noticeable difference between them. To understand and understand their action, learn about their features and specifics.

Features of the air conditioner:

  • Protects hair style.
  • Apply to the strands, avoiding contact with the roots and skin.
  • Antistatic.
  • Some air conditioners do not need to be flushed.

Features of the balm:

  • Nourishes and heals curls.
  • Apply not only to the entire length, but also rubbed into the skin.
  • It does not have an antistatic effect.
  • It must be washed off after application.

So, the conditioner protects and facilitates hair care, its effect is more superficial. Balm also solves the problems that have already arisen.

How to choose

You can’t choose a conditioner based on the choice of shampoo. If we choose a shampoo, guided by the condition of the skin of the head, then with his "partner" everything is different. It is chosen directly for the hair itself. Their condition, length, staining play a major role in this.

  • When choosing, give preference to what is most suitable for you: dry, greasy, damaged, colored curls.
  • After some time, change the manufacturer's company. So you will get the maximum benefit without the risk of addiction.
  • Silicone or organics. This is everyone’s personal preference. Silicone is more suitable for fragile and tinted curls, but organic will be no worse.


  1. Humidifying conditioners can be of such types:
  • Therapeutic. It is used no more than once a week, it nourishes and heals.
  • Healing. Suitable for damaged and brittle strands. It can be used as a mask.
  • Daily. A light conditioner that is used daily to moisturize the hair, giving it a well-groomed appearance, ease of combing.

Also, air conditioners can be divided into three categories according to the method of application:

  • After washing. The most common, they are applied to already clean hair. After a few minutes, wash off with warm water. The strands, wrapped in an invisible film of the air conditioner, gain volume, become smooth and are electrified.
  • Leave-In Products. Also popular. They are most often used by owners with long, damaged and dry hair.
  • Deep penetration. This type of air conditioner is more like a mask. Penetrating deep into the structure of the hair, it not only nourishes, but also protects them from the effects of thermal appliances during styling.

How to use

Improper use can lead to troubles that can be easily avoided by remembering some rules:

  • Apply the product only on the hair, then they will retain their volume and will not be quickly contaminated.
  • Choose a gentle shampoo, otherwise even the best conditioner will be powerless.
  • Choose care kits from one manufacturer. The risk that they will not fit together is minimal.
  • Choose a conditioner for your hair type. If a friend with fat curls suits a certain remedy, then yours, for example, dry ones will only suffer.

How to use different types of air conditioners can be seen in the next video.

Most popular brands


Excellent tool for thin, dry and brittle hair. It can be used by those who daily or often enough use a hairdryer, straighten or stack strands. This conditioner is also suitable for those who have colored curls.

Do not expect a miracle from him after one use. The visible result will become noticeable after several procedures. Using this tool, you can expect that hair:

  • will become smooth even after drying;
  • soft and supple;
  • the tips will be protected from sections;
  • will have a healthy glow.

The only minus of KeraSys is that it needs to be kept on the hair much longer than other similar products.


A relatively young brand of care products that has already established itself. These are premium products. Nutrient components of plant origin care for hair, improving their appearance and condition.


Two-phase air conditioning spray that solves a lot of problems:

  • Gives hair smoothness
  • Greatly facilitates combing
  • Removes electricity
  • Gives strength and radiance.

After application it does not need to be washed off. This only enhances the overall result.

Gliss kur total

A find for owners of dry strands. Its incredibly light consistency not only saves curls, but also retains volume. The result is palpable after the first use.

You can use such a conditioner not only on wet, but also on already dried hair. It facilitates combing hair, while the volume of the hairstyle does not suffer. Gliss kur does not need to be washed off at all - this is a plus.

The air conditioner has a fairly persistent smell, if you do not like it - this is a minus.

Londa Professional visible repair

A professional tool that is used in salons. It has a magical tool, restoring even the most damaged hairs. Cost-effectiveness and effect after application immediately bribe you.

This product does not need to be washed off, but since its consistency is quite thick, it is better to rinse the hair. Here's how an anti-static air conditioner will not help you in anything - numerous reviews speak of this.

Dove "Lightness of Oxygen"

Gently and gently moisturizes hair. At the same time, the curls do not become heavy. A volume effect is visually created. This is an excellent tool for thin and in need of hair restoration.

Watch the video: The Most MOISTURIZING Products in my Stash for NATURAL LOW POROSITY HAIR! (January 2020).


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