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Homemade face tonic

One of the most important skin care procedures that should not be skipped is toning. Many girls often miss her, believing that they can do with a simple skin cleansing with a gel with or without a brush. But this is not so, because for proper care you need to further cleanse the skin with a cotton swab dipped in tonic. If you doubt that you can find a quality composition on store shelves, then you can try to cook it at home.


There are several varieties of tonic. They can be used both by owners of normal skin, and those who have any problems.

On the shelf, every girl who cares about her appearance should have a good moisturizing and toning lotion. It will help the skin always stay healthy. Also, the tonic can be used as a makeup remover.

Choose the appropriate cleansing option and it will replace your micellar water or milk with you:

  • Owners of oily skin with expanded pores can opt for a matting tonic or a special tool for narrowing pores.
  • Get rid of small redness and make skin tone more even You can use herbal whitening tonic.
  • Mature skin A special anti-aging lotion will benefit.
  • Important girls not only the cleansing effect, but also what is included in the composition, the most natural herbal alcohol-free tonic is suitable.
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Judging by the large number of different types of care products, they can affect the skin in different ways. This means that the benefits received may also be different.

High-quality tonic helps to solve several different problems at once. It soothes irritations, helps to deal with redness, rashes or acne.

A tonic for oily and problematic skin is a good remedy for acne. It also saves you from rosacea.

Older women will be pleased to know that properly selected tonics can solve age-related problems.

Natural lotion will speed up skin regeneration and relieve wrinkles.


The composition of the tonic may be different depending on what effect it has.

To soothe sore skin a tonic from a decoction of parsley, chilled green tea will suit you. In general, decoctions of herbs work well on the epidermis. For example, from chamomile, calendula or with additives of aloe juice. Chamomile and lemon tonics allow you to whiten your face, making the tone more even.

Give the skin softness and velvety able remedy of rose petals. It is very simple to cook at home, just by making a tincture of rose petals.

As a base for tonic, a pure rice, milk or cucumber base is usually used. But such a base of cucumber, lemon or herbs is complemented by various elements that only enhance the effect. A beneficial effect on the epidermis will have products with salicylic acid or with succinic acid. Also for greater effect, tonics are saturated with vitamins and oils.

Tonic agents with essential oils not only have a more effective effect, but also smell more pleasant. One of the most beloved options for many girls is a tonic with tea tree oil, which soothes tired skin and cleanses it.

Application: basic rules

In order for the tonic to have the expected result, it must be used correctly. In this case, the skin will look good, even if you take care of it only at home, without resorting to salon procedures.

First of all, when you just bought a tonic or prepared at home, you need to test it. Check on a small area of ​​your skin for any allergic reaction.

The product must be applied using simple thin sponges or soft cotton pads. If you have too sensitive skin, then it can be treated with a simple spray. Using any tonic, it is worth remembering that it cannot be the final stage in leaving.

After you have cleaned yourself in this way, the skin needs to be moisturized or nourished, depending on what you need.


Like all care products, tonics have their drawbacks. The main contraindication, which should not be forgotten, is individual immunity or sensitivity to the whole remedy or to its individual components.

Often an allergic reaction occurs due to the essential oils added to the composition. This is especially true for owners of sensitive skin and enlarged pores.

How to make at home: recipes by skin type

But if you do not have any contraindications, then you can safely use a tonic. Cooking it at home is quite simple. You do not need any complex components - choose what suits you.


One of the most problematic is oily skin. She does not look very attractive because of the constant shine. In addition, various rashes and small pimples often appear on it.

In order to get rid of redness, narrow pores and make the skin more matte, you can use a simple tonic prepared at home. As a basis for it, you can use simple non-carbonated mineral water. It should be warmed up to room temperature. In a container of water, add one tablespoon of natural sea salt without any aromatic additives.

Salt in warm water should be stirred until the crystals are completely dissolved. The resulting fluid should be used to cleanse the skin two to three times a day, using a dense cotton pad. This tool will make your face cleaner and relieve unhealthy shine.


Normal skin, without any visible problems, also needs good care and, of course, toning. The following remedy will help make the skin more healthy and well-groomed. In addition, you will immediately feel the protection from the bad effects of the environment.

For this tool you need only two components - water and apple cider vinegar. For one glass of clean cool water you need a teaspoon of vinegar. The liquid must be mixed well. Immediately after that, it can be applied to a cotton pad and treated with a face. This tool helps to cope with a greasy shine and pollution invisible to the eye. After using it, the skin will become noticeably cleaner and more pleasant to the touch.


Dry skin in youth looks good, because it rarely rashes, acne or oily sheen. But excess dryness is also not very good. In order to get rid of this problem, you need to prepare a special tool that will significantly improve the flaky and tired epidermis and make it more well-groomed and attractive.

In this case, it is better to choose milk or very soft mineral water as the basis. And the role of additives will be fruits, which will feed the epidermis. For 200 grams of milk, you will need 50 grams of fresh currants and three times as much strawberries. The berries must be ground in any way possible - in a blender, manually or in a special mortar.

Ten drops of glycerin are added to the mixture of milk and grated berries. Use this berry shake daily.


Combined skin is more capricious and difficult to care for. Two problems are combined here: rashes and excessive dryness. So, face care should be as thought out as possible. Effective will be high-quality tonic, created on the basis of simple green tea. For this recipe, it is better to choose natural loose tea, rather than bagged.

Green tea is complemented by lemon juice. In order for the product to be gentle enough, add no more than twenty drops of lemon juice. And finally, the resulting tea should be diluted with half a glass of still mineral water.

This "tea" for nourishing and cleansing the face copes well with the oily sheen in the cheeks, forehead and chin. At the same time, it nourishes the skin, normalizing metabolic processes. So, the epidermis remains elastic and well-groomed.

The tonic obtained with a mixture of green tea and mineral water can be stored for several weeks. But at the same time, the product should be in a small bottle in the refrigerator.

For acne

If your main problem is acne, "decorating" the face and décolleté, this problem can also be solved with home tonic. To create it, you will need basic soothing and anti-inflammatory components.

First of all, take thirty grams of fresh aloe pulp. Five grams of lemon juice, three tablespoons of still mineral water and a drop of peppermint essential oil should be added to the same container. If possible, it is better to replace it with three small leaves of mint. If your skin, in addition to acne, is also characterized by increased fat content, then you can add five grams of alcohol to the resulting mixture.

All of the above components are mixed in one small container. Before use, the tonic should be poured into a small practical bottle. Before starting to cleanse the face, the vial should be shaken.

This mixture works very well, managing not only acne, but also with the browning and scars that remain after them. So, after several weeks of using this tool, your face will become noticeably cleaner and more well-groomed.

With matting effect

Homemade tonics are well saved and with a greasy sheen. A mixture of water, lemon juice and parsley will help you cope with this problem. To prepare such a composition is not at all difficult. In a simple saucepan, heat parsley leaves drenched in a glass of clean water. The resulting mixture should be boiled for fifteen minutes. When everything is ready, the liquid must be cooled. When it has completely cooled down, you need to add a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice there.

By adding lemon juice, you get a lightening effect. This means that your skin will become less spots, and in general, its tone will become more even. In addition, he copes with the main task - getting rid of oily sheen.

How to store

To prevent home care products from deteriorating or losing their properties, they must be stored in suitable conditions. After all, a spoiled tonic will not only heal your skin, but also harm it.

The basic storage rules are pretty simple. First of all, remember that alcohol tinctures can not be stored for more than two weeks, even in the refrigerator. But alcohol-free tinctures should not stand more than five days. Also, in no case do not leave your home tonic in the sun or in a room too warm - it will immediately deteriorate.

Home tonic products help to cope with problems and make your appearance more well-groomed no worse than expensive branded products. The main thing is to be able to choose the right components and prepare a well-working composition that will cope with its tasks.

How to tone the skin? You can find out the recipe for a facial tonic from the next video



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