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Coffee scrub

The useful properties of coffee have been debated between scientists from different countries and generations for a very long time. In ancient times, a decoction of coffee beans was used as a cure for migraines and low blood pressure. When coffee beans learned to roast and grind, this plant began to be used everywhere as a tonic morning drink. Despite the rich composition of coffee beans, modern scientists advise limiting the use of coffee in the diet.

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The main paradox of this product is that with constant ingestion, it significantly worsens the condition of human skin: it drains it, makes it flabby and gray. At the same time, when using coffee as a cosmetic product, it can significantly improve the condition of the skin.

When used as a cream or mask, caffeine penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermis, stimulates metabolism and increases blood flow. Due to the increased outflow of lymphatic fluids, the skin becomes smoother, swelling and swelling disappear. The upper layer of the epidermis becomes more elastic and taut, and small vessels that appear on the surface with age become invisible.

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The composition of coffee beans includes several components that are important from the point of view of cosmetology:

  • natural antioxidants will help smooth wrinkles and increase skin tone;
  • chlorogenic acid, coupled with antioxidants, helps in the fight against free radicals, which constantly have a negative effect on the delicate skin of the face and body. In addition, this component is a natural protective barrier from exposure to ultraviolet rays in the summer;
  • a huge amount of carotenoids will help in the fight against an unhealthy complexion, eliminate yellowness and gray spots. This component is also considered an excellent tool for cancer prevention;
  • collagen and elastane are very important for healthy skin. These substances are not contained in coffee, but it contains polyphenols, which stimulate the self-production of these substances by our body;
  • caffeine tones and tightens the skin, and also it creates a protective barrier against external irritants;
  • high lipid content regulates the normal water balance;
  • The aroma of the grains is given by the essential oils contained in them. This component nourishes the skin with nutrients and moisturizes it. Even when applying cosmetics containing a small amount of such essential oils, this product can significantly affect a person’s mood. It is the smell of coffee that is useful as an antidepressant.
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Application rules

In order to figure out how to properly apply the scrub at home, you first need to find out what this remedy is and why it is needed.

Scrub is a cosmetic product based on cream, gel or soap, which includes small abrasive particles. It is needed to remove particles of old, dead and keratinized skin from the surface of the face and other parts of the body.

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There are several rules and recommendations for the use of scrubs for their effectiveness and benefit:

  1. Any scrub should be used exclusively for the part or zone of the body for which it is intended. Abrasive materials for different zones can differ not only in size, but also in stiffness and quantity. The toughest abrasive will be in a product with an anti-cellulite effect - such cosmetics are extremely dangerous when applied on delicate skin areas. The softest and finest abrasive can be found in face scrub - it will be completely ineffective on other parts of the body.
  2. Use this cosmetic product should be no more than twice a week, do not abuse it, using as a shower gel. Particles of keratinized skin are not able to accumulate on the human body in one day in such an amount that there is a need for their removal. Too frequent use of abrasive cleansers will lead to thinning and soreness of the epidermis, the appearance of acne and a decrease in the overall immunity of a person.
  3. For the most effective cleansing of the skin of the face and body with a scrub, preparation for this procedure is very important. Most girls are mistaken, considering that a scrub is a means for morning washing. In fact, it’s cosmetics for a bath or sauna. Before using cosmetics with abrasive particles, it is necessary to steam the skin well. This rule is especially important in problem areas of the skin, in the fight against cellulite and against black spots.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to apply deep skin cleansing before applying makeup. Heavy foundation, blush, powder will clog into open pores, create plugs and turn into acne.
  5. It is best to use a scrub at night. During this time, the skin will have time to relax and recover slightly.
  6. After cleansing the face, it is important to moisturize the skin, but with as light cream or milk as possible.
  7. Select a scrub based on the characteristics and needs of the skin.
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In some cases, a coffee scrub can not only benefit, but also harm. To avoid unpleasant situations, it is worth knowing several important points that are contraindications to the use of coffee-based cosmetics.

Any cosmetic product contains both organic substances and chemical additives that extend its shelf life and give a more attractive color and aroma. It is very important to familiarize yourself with the composition of the product before purchase and exclude the likelihood of allergic reactions to its components.

Coffee significantly enhances blood flow, so such cosmetics can pose a latent threat to people with high blood pressure, poor blood clotting and a tendency to nosebleeds. It is also dangerous to use such a tool in the fight against acne. It can enhance rashes. For acne, it is better to use scrubs with less allergenic components.

The presence of injuries, burns, cuts or scratches is a direct contraindication to the use of any abrasives. You should wait for the full recovery of all layers of the epidermis, otherwise the formation of scars and keloid scars is possible.

What is better to do

Coffee-based scrub can be made independently from improvised materials at home. In order for it to be as effective as possible, you need to figure out which coffee you need to use for its manufacture.

For coffee scrub, perhaps, any type of coffee, as well as coffee bean oil. However, a different type of coffee will be effective in solving various problems. So, thick brewed coffee from a turkish or cake made from a French press will become an ideal abrasive component of a tonic to cleanse the skin of the face, neck and chest.

Coarsely ground grains of strong Brazilian coffee will perfectly help in the fight against cellulite, old calluses and rough skin on the feet.

Instant coffee or a precipitate of a drunk natural drink will be a good tonic component of salt or sugar scrub.

Homemade recipes

One of the simplest but most useful types of home scrubs is oil based products. To make such a product, you will need about 100 milliliters of boiled olive, coconut, linseed or any other oil, 2-3 tablespoons of oilcake or thick coffee to make face cosmetics, or crushed grains for body cosmetics. If desired, you can add a vitamin E ampoule, cinnamon or lavender extract for a smell. All components must be mixed and stored in a cool place. Oil-based scrub is perfect for people with dry, depleted skin.

For convenient storage and skin care of the body, a home-made soap-based coffee scrub is perfect. Soap base can be purchased at a craft store. It is enough to add ground grains or thickened boiled coffee, pour into molds and cool. In order for the soap to freeze, you need to use an exclusively dry abrasive component. Such a tool is very convenient in that it can be made in small cubes. Each cube will be equal to one use.

The best assistant in the fight against cellulite is a scrub based on coarse sea salt or large cane sugar. For such a product, you can use cold unfinished coffee. Pour salt or sugar into it and mix. A good addition to this composition is an orange - its acid penetrates deep into the fat layer and dissolves it. Salt and sugar scrub can also be used for wrapping.

You can use kefir or sour cream for the basis of the “home” recipe for an abrasive product, it can serve as a mask for the face, body and even hair. Such a tool needs to be made in the amount of one portion, since its shelf life is minimal.

Components such as soda, clay or oatmeal will complement the coffee scrub pretty well. These improvised materials will become very good abrasive products for frequent use.

Moderately hot coffee scrub is ideal for anti-cellulite and corrective massage. With it, you can get rid of problem areas, extra centimeters and kilograms.

Popular brands: reviews


The Rriche brand offers a range of coffee body scrubs with various properties. In the catalog of this company you can find an anti-cellulite complex, which includes an abrasive based on coffee. Tonic coffee scrub with mandarin, moisturizing - with chocolate, nourishing - with coconut or ylang-ylang.

The main surprise for consumers will be the presence of a scrub designed specifically for men "Someone loves harder" with a particularly hard abrasive. All coffee scrubs of this brand also include pink clay and vitamin E to nourish the skin. A relatively new brand in the Russian cosmetics market has won the hearts of consumers and has extremely positive reviews.

Organic shop

The Organic Shop brand is famous for its natural and high-quality cosmetics. Among other products of this brand, a body scrub based on coffee oil and cane sugar is presented. This tool perfectly softens and nourishes, as well as gives the intoxicating aroma of coffee to the body. It is suitable for any type of skin, as an exfoliating agent.

Scrubs of this brand are chosen by lovers of natural cosmetics. Reviews about her, in general, are positive.

Body spa

One of the most affordable brands on the Russian cosmetics market, Body Spa offers a unique anti-cellulite scrub based on coffee oil and sea salt. This unexpected combination of the main components of this product makes it an indispensable supplement in the fight against cellulite.

Large pieces of sea salt are a rather coarse, but effective abrasive and massage component. During the application, the salt dissolves and penetrates deep under the skin, where it has an excellent fat-burning effect. Extracts of coffee oil moisturize and nourish, tone and tighten the upper layer of the epidermis. Value for money is very captivating for girls, reviews about the products of this brand are quite high, it is in demand both for women aged 30 and older, and for girls 20-25 years old.


Handmade soap and cosmetics shop Ecolab presents a line of face and body scrubs based on coffee beans. Here you can find incredible care and renewal products: an age-old peeling product with chocolate, the main properties of which are rejuvenation; means for enhancing the outflow of lymphatic fluids based on mustard; to increase tone - with an extract of orange mala; antioxidant - with cinnamon, as well as a remedy for all types of skin "Coffee-Original".

One of the main components of this product can be safely called consumer care and love for regular customers. The price of this cosmetics will really please thrifty girls, and the quality will pleasantly surprise you.

Sweet fresh

Affordable cosmetics for the Sweet Fresh massmarket can also delight consumers with a coffee oil based product. Soft coffee body scrub will bring a rich aroma of coffee to the life of every woman. The composition of this cosmetic product is also rich in shea essential oils, almond oil. It perfectly softens, nourishes and tones the skin. After its application, the skin will become soft and incredibly smooth. Consumers highly appreciate the aroma of this product and its nutritional properties.


The Savonry Coffee scrub line is represented by three products based on coffee beans: body scrubs with grapefruit, chocolate and coffee essential oil. All these products perfectly cleanse, remove toxins and improve blood flow. They nourish potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. The brand proudly announces that the composition of this cosmetics contains more than two thousand useful components. Scrubs from this company have an excellent anti-cellulite effect, as well as nourish and moisturize the skin.


The cosmetics of the Aromania trademark is unique in that its main task is not only to decorate the physical body of a person, but also to significantly increase his mental well-being. A coffee body scrub based on lemon essential oil not only tones and cleanses the skin, but also puts your mind in order, cheers you up, drives away drowsiness and fatigue, invigorates the nervous system and sets you in a positive mood.

The combination of the aroma of coffee and lemon very effectively helps in the fight against depressive conditions and chronic fatigue. The price of such a tool will be an additional reason for the joy of people with low income, and the bright packaging design will give aesthetic pleasure.

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