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Pure line brand facial scrubs

With apricot kernels

This face scrub from the brand Clean Line is a popular cosmetics of the Russian manufacturer. It is intended for soft peeling of the face at home. Carrying out the procedure with this scrub allows you to make the skin softer, because during the peeling the coarse scales of the outer layer of the epithelium are peeled off.

At the end of the exfoliation process, each cell of the skin of the face receives the necessary amount of oxygen and your dermis becomes softer and velvety. You can now pick up and buy a scrub for the skin of your face of the Chistaya Liniya brand with apricot seeds in any cosmetic department, in addition, its price is very low.

Apricot kernel scrub has a peculiarity - the presence of large particles in its composition. These elements better than all other components regulate skin metabolic processes and accelerate blood circulation, in addition, they help deep cleansing of the dermis. Another useful feature of the scrub is that the components included in its composition very gently cleanse the skin without leaving damage or scratches on it.

Some buyers write negative reviews, claiming that this scrub is too coarse, but in fact it can only seem to those girls who have very sensitive skin. Cleansing scrub Clean Line is best used for women with normal, oily or dry skin, not prone to allergic reactions.

This scrub is distinguished by the presence of herbal ingredients in its composition. These are apricot kernels that help remove dead skin cells of the skin, they are very finely divided, therefore they safely cleanse the face.

In addition, this component perfectly fights black dots and blackheads. Another component is chamomile, which has soothing dermis properties and helps fight inflammation and irritation. Chamomile extract is very useful, it also perfectly tones the skin.

The composition of this scrub also includes corn oil and soybean oil. They perfectly nourish the skin and saturate it with vitamins. Due to the content of fatty acids in them, they can contribute to the restoration of damaged skin cells. Apricot scrub also contains glycerin, which perfectly moisturizes and protects the dermis. By softening the surface of the face, it contributes to a more gentle and soft exfoliation.

Beauticians do not recommend applying this scrub if there is damage to the dermis. The use of this substance on skin with burns, as well as on the surface of the dermis, where there are open wounds or cuts, is completely contraindicated. Smearing the product in non-sterile conditions, it may be possible to introduce harmful microbes into an open wound. In addition, rubbing the scrub in such areas can slow down the regeneration process.

With raspberry juice

Raspberry scrub is softer than apricot, but no less effective. It has a soft pleasant smell of raspberries, which is very popular with customers. Abrasive particles very gently exfoliate the skin without damaging it. Such a scrub can be perfect for sensitive skin. The composition of the scrub is heterogeneous: it also contains larger particles of cranberry seeds, which perfectly tone the skin and exfoliate the microderma of the dermis.

In this scrub Pure Line of a domestic manufacturer, glycerin moisturizing the skin is also present. In addition, the cosmetic product is saturated with raspberry juice juice, which has regenerative properties, it is also a natural antioxidant. This scrub also contains ylang-ylang oil, which perfectly nourishes the skin and softens peeling.

There are also features in the method of applying this scrub, you must gently rub it into the skin, gently moving your fingers around the circumference. It is better if the movements are massage. It is better to move in the direction from the chin to the forehead, gently and gently rubbing the product.

Cranberry face mask

This cosmetic product has a double effect: it is perfect for moisturizing the skin of the face as a mask and for soft peeling of the dermis as a scrub. This product is characterized by a wonderful natural berry aroma, judging by the reviews of consumers, the sour notes of cranberries in combination with the birch smell of a real Russian bath are felt in the smell. The mask of Phytobath differs in a slightly liquid clay-like consistency. It contains particles of cranberries, which are necessary for soft peeling.

Beauticians, like consumers, recommend applying this product to steamed face skin. The mask of Phytobath should be left on the face for five to ten minutes, and then washed off with cool water. The mask can be washed off and applied with gentle massage movements to provide the skin with a soft peeling with a massage effect.

This scrub mask helps in the fight against black spots, without tightening the skin. It makes the skin softer to the touch. Such a mask can suit women and girls of any age. This scrub brand Clean Line is universal: it has not only age restrictions, but also restrictions on the type of skin. It will help to cope with any obvious skin problems, whether it is peeling, pimples, acne or traces of them.

The phytobath mask scrub contains cranberry seeds, which provide high-quality and soft peeling, as well as essential oils of mint and eucalyptus. These funds pleasantly cool the skin of the face, tone it, and also nourish, penetrating deep into each pore. This cosmetic product belongs to the series of products of the Chistaya Liniya brand “Phytotherapy”, which have an extremely beneficial effect on the dermis, due to the presence of natural components in their composition.

So, this manufacturer produces face and body products with berries and oils, as well as sour cream and other natural elements. Experts recommend using these scrubs, masks and gels of the Clean Line brand in a complex to achieve the best result.

A detailed review of the scrub "Clean Line" you can see in this video



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