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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Review of the best facial scrubs

It is natural for every woman to want her skin to always look flawless. In order for her to maintain beauty and elasticity as long as possible, she needs to be constantly taken care of - soften, moisturize and clean. In many ways, various cosmetic scrubs for the face and body help in this.

Features of choice

Modern manufacturers of cosmetics provide a huge selection of skin cleansers. Each of them is distinguished by its properties.

Coarser scrubs with large particles have good refreshing and cleansing properties. Smaller and more gentle peeling, incl. powdery is a good polishing agent. Hyaluronic acid in the composition creates a rejuvenating effect, and extracts of white tea, lemon balm and eucalyptus have excellent tonic properties.

Choose a scrub based on the individual characteristics of your skin. Some products are better suited for the dry type, others for the oily or combination. If you are concerned about black dots, then you need a tool for deep cleansing. To maintain a clear facial contour, honey-based products or with the addition of mineral salts are suitable.

Also, when choosing, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. individual tolerance to all components;
  2. short shelf life (otherwise this indicates a high content of harmful preservatives);
  3. after removal, the skin should remain tender, if there is a feeling of tightness, then the scrub dries the skin;
  4. the more sensitive the skin, the smaller the scrub particles should be.

If you have skin diseases or blood vessels on your face located close to the surface of the skin, then it is better to refrain from conducting cleansing procedures or consult a dermatologist about the choice of individual products.

The composition of the components

A scrub is a cosmetic cream or gel with solid particles that help exfoliate dead cells. It can be mineral elements - particles of clay or sand, vegetable - crushed grape, apricot or raspberry seeds, coffee beans. And if a volcanic scrub with particles of solidified lava and bamboo salt is used as an active Detox, then ground pistachio particles polish sensitive skin well.

In addition, scrubs are enriched with vitamins A, E and C and natural plant extracts for additional care. For example, sugar-salt scrub with green tea and aloe, not only effectively eliminates dead cells, but also improves blood circulation, actively moisturizes and soothes the skin.

Often, for additional hydration, extracts of vegetable oils are used - olive, jojoba, almond, lavender. Caffeine helps in the fight against cellulite, and kelp extract starts the process of cell self-renewal.

Review of the best tools and reviews

L'oreal paris

The line of the world famous L'Oreal brand has more than ten different scrubs, including for men (L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Pure & Matte and L'Oreal Men Expert Pure Power products). Among the proposed options, you can choose a regular cleanser, for example, "Perfect Radiance" with apricot kernels or double scrub "Endless Freshness", with two types of abrasive particles, effectively removing makeup.

L'Oreal cosmetics is located in the “medium +” price segment, which is probably why women make excessive demands on it, which are not always justified. The main disadvantages presented include the short-term effect, in some cases allergic reactions.

Granny Agafia's Recipes

This product is distinguished by a "home" recipe. Her assortment includes soap-birch and cloudberry body scrubs, chamomile and calendula face products, as well as a cleansing honey-oatmeal soap.

Women using Agafia's Grandma Recipes are generally satisfied with the products. Especially like natural odors and a large number of small scrubbing particles. But, like any other cosmetics, people with sensitive skin should be careful about it.


Oriflame face renewal scrub. A product based on lactic acid and shea butter, effectively exfoliates dead cells, eliminates oily sheen, and removes makeup residues. Prepares skin for applying makeup, suitable for any age.

Women who use this scrub call it "expensive pleasure" because of the price, but they are very pleased with the result.


LibreDerm chamomile peeling roll is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. It does not cause irritation, stimulates cell renewal, with regular use it helps to align the microrelief.

One of the few products that almost 100% of shoppers leave only positive reviews, calling them the best cleanser they have ever used.


The Bioderma Sebium Gel gommant purifiant gumming gel is a lightweight, foaming scrub that has an excellent exfoliating effect and tightens pores. Helps remove acne and oily sheen. Acidic pH prevents the growth of bacteria on the skin.

This tool can be purchased in pharmacies, which is a certain guarantee of quality and safety. Most women using it are satisfied with the result.


Nivea offers a wide assortment of favorite shower scrubs with mango and almond extracts. Face cleansers are also very popular - gel-scrub against imperfections, suitable for daily use and gel for deep cleansing 5 in 1.


Vichy cosmetics are characterized by soft and delicate skin care. Due to the composition of salicylic acid and the unique Vichy SPA thermal water, its calming, strengthening and restoring properties are created. The skin becomes radiant and velvety to the touch.


The product of Altai manufacturers with silica granules as scrub particles providing gentle cleansing. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Many are satisfied with the ratio of price and quality, the result. But in some cases, allergic reactions occur.


Ecolab offers scrubs for all skin types and different age groups. The Deep Cleanser with Karite and Iris Extract will eliminate the problems of oily and combination skin, the Moisturizing Peeling is specially designed for dry skin, and the Rejuvenating Peeling with grape seeds helps to renew tissue cells.


These exfoliating products are enriched with vitamins and natural oils. Made on the basis of thermal water from alpine sources. Designed for sensitive skin and ideal for use before applying masks and active serums.

La roche-posay

Physio scrubs La Roche-Posay have a physiological pH that preserves the natural pH balance of skin cells. Soft hypoallergenic polyethylene particles contribute to gentle cleansing and do not cause irritation.


The exfoliating products of this company have a unique anti-aging effect, which is noted by the majority of women who use them. Designed specifically for oily skin, eliminate facial wrinkles, smooth the texture and moisturize tissues well.

About how to choose a face scrub, see the next program.



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